Picasso’s Warsaw Syrenka

A recreation of Pablo Picasso’s Warsaw Syrenka symbol on the wall of the house at ul.Obrońców 28/30 in Saska Kępa. Picasso visited Warsaw in 1948 and was hosted by the Artist’s Union at this address. The sculptor Stanisław Sikora also had his studio in the building and some of his works still stand in the garden.

Picasso drew his original ‘Syrenka’ directly onto the wall of an apartment at ul. Deotymy 48 in the Wola district of the city. The family who lived in the apartment got sick of the constant flow of visitors wishing to view the work and grew to hate the drawing on their wall. In 1953 they were granted permission to paint over the charcoal drawing!

Author: Mat Fahrenholz

A brief visit to Warsaw in 2000 somehow turned into spending the foreseeable future here. I was brought up in Scotland, the son of WWII generation Poles. Being raised speaking Polish at home with my parents certainly made life easier once I decided to base myself in Poland. Armed with a fistful of art school diplomas and a penchant for writing and translating, I’ve been working as a writer and photographer for ‘Warsaw in your Pocket’ since 2012. I spend the rest of my time working on my own art projects and contemplating the often surreal nature of day-to-day life in my adopted city!

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