Zurich’s best free summer festivals 2019

Many of Zurich’s neighbourhoods organise small open-air festivals with concerts, DJs, bars and food stalls in summer. The inhabitants of these districts often take the lead in organising those get-togethers. They are certainly a great opportunity to enjoy the summer in the city. We highlight some of the best ones below and hope to see you around!

Open Air Wipkingen (June 21 + 22)

This charming open-air festival takes place in the lovely Wipkingerpark, a park next to river Limmat with access to the water. The park is worth a visit even when no events are taking place. At the festival there are three stages, two with concerts by mostly Swiss bands and local heroes, one with DJs . There is usually some street art, food stalls and, well, a bar with beer and drinks. And yes, admission is free. Check out the programme here: openairwipkingen.ch

Open Air Wikpkingen (photo: Facebook)

Züri Fäscht (July 5 – 7)

This is Switzerland’s biggest town festival and definitely no neighbourhood party, taking place only every third year. Nevertheless it’s a must mention this year, even though personally we prefer smaller festivities. At the Züri Fäscht all the city centre from the main station through the old town to the lake shore is one huge party area for three days almost around the clock. There are food stalls with food from all over the world, temporary restaurants, bars, stages, sports shows, a fun fair, an air show over the lake, fire works and, and, and… More than two million people are expected to attend, so needless to say that this is rather a loud, big boom bang than a charming event of soft sounds. If you don’t like huge crowds, go early and avoid the lake shore when the fireworks take place. Admission is free, check out the details here: www.zuerifaescht.ch

Züri Fäscht (photo: Facebook)

Stadtsommer (July 25 – 27 + August 2 + 3)

The Stadtsommer is a annual series of open-air concerts organised by the city. They take place in pop-up style at various locations on a mobile stage, there is usually a bar that caters for basic needs (beer and , well, soft drinks so to speak). This year’s locations include the fallow land of the former football stadium Hardturm, cultural centre Rote Fabrik on the lake side, Park Sihlhölzli in Wiedikon. Check out the program here: Stadtsommer 2019

Stadtsommer (photo: Facebook)

Idaplatzfest (August 17 + 18)

Idaplatz is an urban square in the district of Wiedikon, a cool place to hang out on any balmy night. The festival does not take place every year and this year’s programme is not yet set, but expect a stage with live music. The vibe here is relaxed even though it’s usually very busy. We like it, check out the details here: idaplatzfest.ch

Idaplatzfest (photo: Facebook)

Röntgenplatzfest (August 23 + 24)

Röntgenplatz is a square in district 5, the former industrial district of Zurich. This festival is organised by the local social democrats. It hosts a stage with concerts, political discussions, food stalls and there are activities for kids too, giving this festival an easygoing, family-friendly touch. Details are here: www.roentgenplatzfest.ch

Röntgenplatzfest (photo: www.roentgenplatzfest.ch)

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