In Your Pocket is the brainchild of German Matthias Lufkens and Belgian brothers George, Oliver and Nicolas Ortiz, who, over several beers in the Stikliai beer hall in Vilnius, Lithuania, a town that at the time had no telephone directory, came up with the idea of Vilnius In Your Pocket during a long December evening in 1991. The four set out to conquer the world armed only with a dream and a laptop: they still have the dream, and they still have the laptop.

In Your Pocket is now Europe’s leading provider of urban information, supplying locally produced, practical information for over one hundred cities all over the region, available at the travel portal www.inyourpocket.com and in more than 70 publication guide books, published in 23 countries. In Your Pocket’s lively, honest style has received consistent praise from, among others, Le Monde, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Guardian, the Sunday Times, the BBC, Rough Guides and Lonely Planet. We are, indeed, the best.

The first IYP published in Croatia was Zagreb In Your Pocket, in 2001. Zadar, Rijeka, Dubrovnik, Split and Šibenik followed thereafter, all of which are updated regularly and supported by online and app content.