Cocktails at the #Mooteespaza in Melville

Mootee cocktail bar in Melville hosted their first #Mooteespaza party of the year on March 28, led by two internationally renowned bartenders. A phuza Thursday with a twist, the regular series promises the most innovative and memorable cocktails conjured up by top mixologists from around the world, invited to town for the night to showcase the finest spirits from the Pernod Ricard group.

The first #Mooteespaza was led by acclaimed mixologists Moe Aljaff from Barcelona and Nico de Soto from Paris, showcasing Altos tequila and Absolut vodka, and left us with a mother of a hangover the following day. By choice of course!

Among the many cocktails consumed, the crowd’s favourite was Nico’s flavoursome ‘La myrtiville’ which consisted of brown butter tonka, Martel VSOP cognac, blueberry and lavender shrub topped with champagne. Coming a close second for the night was Moe’s invention, ‘Hato’, a mix of umeboshi (Japanese fermented ume fruits), Altos Blanco tequila- agave, nectar-grapefruit soda and takesumi bamboo (activated bamboo charcoal).

We must admit that we didn’t even know half of the infused flavours in some of the drinks (yes we did have to google them afterwards) but this was definitely a night to remember, half-naked bartenders and all. You know the saying what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Well, let’s just say we are glad that somebody managed to make it into the office the next day!

Look out for the next edition of the #mooteespaza in the coming months. Find Mootee at 78a 4th Ave, Melville, tel. +27 10 900 1399. (photos by Simone da Silva)

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