Meet this month’s Perch Flexible Work Space winner renewable energies manager Bryce Foss

Whether you are freelancing, telecommuting or are in the early days of launching your own business, renting a desk in a co-working office is the smarter way to work. Throughout winter we are presenting three lucky readers with the opportunity to become members of Perch Flexible Office Space in Rosebank for a month.

Our lucky Perch winners get a one-month Dedicated Desk Membership which includes 24/7 access to all the standard Perch perks including fast wifi, printing and copying and access to fun networking events and workshops, plus we’re throwing in some free coffees from Perch’s own coffee bar Clipboard Society too!

Meet our June Perch membership winner Bryce Foss

This month’s winner of a month’s membership at Perch is Business Development Manager BRYCE FOSS who works in the renewable energies sector.

A Durbanite, Bryce and his partner moved up to Joburg from Durban earlier this year. For his partner Megan, a move to Joburg meant the chance to take up a new placement working at Johannesburg General Hospital while for Bryce, it meant cutting down the travel time involved in meeting up and liaising with the company’s many clients based in South Africa’s financial and economic centre Johannesburg.

Bryce works at Cruz Clean Energy, a Black Female-Owned Project Development company that brings together investors, local Solar EPC installers and South African corporates in the commercial and industrial sector. The company works largely with investors who are usually European-based entities who “see fantastic potential in Africa’s need to power its future development”.

“The beauty of these projects is that South African companies can see substantial reductions in their energy bills for the next 25-years, whilst also saving the planet by reducing their carbon footprint. Some of Cruz’s financial models even allow companies to enjoy these savings without having to provide any upfront capex”.

Moving from a home office to a co-working space

Shortly after moving to Joburg and into a new complex in Bramley, which seemed perfectly set up for hosting a home office, the couple discovered one small glitch in Bryce’s telecommuting plan – they had just moved in next door to a primary school.

“We live right next to a school of very loud and enthusiastic learners. Much of my time is spent on the road, but the noise from the school makes working from home almost impossible. I found myself spending a lot of time in coffee shops, but the distractions there were not much better.

Moving into a co-working space makes it much easier for me to give my working day some structure and be far more productive”.

Bryce Foss’s top five favourite Joburg places

Having recently moved to Joburg, Bryce spends much of his free time joining in Joburg’s Park Runs, playing five-a-side soccer (though Bryce is still looking for a new team to join in Gauteng) and exploring the city with his large group of ex-Durbanite friends who also call Joburg home. Here’s Bryce’s five favourite Joburg places.

How to enter our competition and WIN a month’s free membership at Perch

If you’re thinking about making a move to a co-working space in Joburg and would like to try it out for a month, enter our competition and you could be in line to win a free one-month membership at Perch Flexible Office Space.

To enter simply click here to tell us what you do and why you think Perch Flexible Office Space is the perfect place for you to work?

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