In Your Pocket and the Joburg Photowalkers team up for a Sandton rooftop photowalk

Pictured top photo by Kim Roberts

The Joburg Photowalkers are a group of enthusiastic Joburg photographers led by Mark Straw who meet up on weekends to explore interesting city neighbourhoods on foot, cameras in hand, snapping images of architecture, nature, city skylines, people, and oh-so memorable sunrises and sunsets.

In September we teamed up with the Joburg Photowalkers and the Rosebank Management District to organise a Rosebank photowalk taking in the district’s new landmark buildings and this month, following the September launch of the new Sandton In Your Pocket mini-guide, we followed it up with an epic Sandton photowalk.

At the crack of dawn (4:45am) on Saturday October 26, Johannesburg In Your Pocket in collaboration with the Sandton Central Management District’s Elaine Jack led this intrepid group on an exploration of Sandton Central, as seen from the rooftops of some of the neighbourhood’s buildings.

Our tour made its way up to the rooftops of the Bowmans Building situated at Alice on 5th, the IBM Sandton headquarters and the Radisson Blu Gautrain hotel, ending with a delicious breakfast courtesy of one of our favourite contemporary bistros in Sandton, The Course.

We are firm believers in creating access for people to Joburg’s neighbourhoods and finding new ways of seeing Joburg’s key tourism districts. At Johannesburg In Your Pocket, our team-ups with the Joburg Photowalkers supports a shared vision of a creating a more welcoming city, that is open for exploration and discovery. And of course, we love the photos.

Sunrise in Sandton Central. Photo by Emmeline Batten .
Photowalkers at the IBM building rooftop. Photo by Emmeline Batten.
Overlooking the Sandton Gautrain station and Nelson Mandela Square. Photo by Kim Roberts.
Photo by Mark Straw.
Photo by Mark Straw.
Muffins and fruit platters for breakfast at The Course. Photo by Mark Straw.

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