March 18: City of Joburg’s 9 countermeasures to fight COVID-19

On the evening of Wednesday, March 18 the Executive Mayor of Johannesburg, Cllr. Geoffery Makhubo, outlined several new measures that the city will be implementing to counter the novel Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) now present in South Africa (116 cases on March 18), and particularly prevalent in the Gauteng Province (61 cases on March 18).

Given the large population of Joburg and the city’s international nature it is no surprise that it has been particularly affected by the spread of the virus. The statement from the Mayor aims to assure the people of South Africa that our city is taking appropriate measures to prevent, contain and manage the spread of the Coronavirus in this country through the efficient and equitable deployment of resources to the most vulnerable areas.

“We encourage residents to be responsible, resilient and to not undermine the potential impact a widespread and rapid infection rate of the virus could have on the residents of the City and our economy. We must, immediately and without second-thoughts, amend our daily routines, forego unnecessary travel, avoid restaurants and other places of entertainment, take due care for our personal hygiene and be vigilant to signs of infection and symptoms” said Mayor Makhubo.

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