The ‘new normal’ – how Perch Flexible Office Space in Rosebank is getting back to work

Millions of South Africans are returning to work this month after several weeks locked down at home and as we steadily go down the lockdown ‘levels’, in the coming week even more people will be going back to their desks. From work to our social lives, the global coronavirus pandemic has changed everything and ‘office life’ as we know it has now already changed forever.

If you’re wondering what the office is going to be like in the Covid-19 era, here’s a look at how Perch Flexible Office Space in Rosebank has adjusted its work space environment to reflect the ‘new normal’ and become a safe space to get back to work.

Deep cleaning and disinfection

Before reopening its doors Perch embarked on a thorough ‘deep clean’. As the world reopens deep cleaning will become standard everywhere from hotels to shops and offices. Deep cleaning includes hunting for dust mites behind every possible space, from inside cabinets to under rugs and around skirting boards, and cleaning and disinfecting those areas in addition to the office spaces that are more commonly cleaned on a daily basis.

At Perch routine disinfection of all surfaces and ‘touch points’ such as handles is carried out daily by the on-site cleaning team.

Foot count

Expect the access to office buildings to become stricter. At Perch in Rosebank in order to enforce the required social distancing, all Perch members and visitors will be required to sign in and out with security at the car park gate, where security staff will keep a close track of how many people are in the building and limit numbers where necessary.

Hand sanitisers

All South Africans are becoming used to meeting regular hand sanitisation points, whether it is at public transport nodes or at the entrance to the supermarket. Perch has installed Sensormatic hand sanitizers (meaning you do need to touch them) throughout the office building and at all entrances.

Promoting a ‘hands-free’ environment

Wherever you go in the new Coronavirus-inflicted world, the ‘new normal’ involves minimising ‘touch points’ and promoting a hands-free environment. At restaurants, when they reopen, you can expect this to mean no menus and individual salt, sugar and pepper sachets, while contacless payments can be expected to become the global standard (goodbye cash!)

At Perch they are promoting a ‘hands-free’ environment by keeping all doors open and keeping the Nespresso machine plugged and fully podded so you don’t need to keep busy with the office kettle for your daily cup of jo.

Masks and social distancing

Wearing face masks is the new norm and required when in a public space.

Keeping safe is about being informed and as well as ensuring Perch users can safely social distance in the office, Perch Flexible Office Space are also running an awareness campaign within the building. There are posters and informative emails about how to stay safe, how to stay sane and manage stress, flattening the curve and effectively keeping 2 metres apart from each in the office other while enjoying the sense of community and camaraderie that we have all been missing so much during the lockdown.

If you or your business are looking for a safe office space to go back to work, contact Perch Flexible Office Space at +27 10 900 1260, and check out their website at

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