5 of your favourite Insta posts from 2021

The city’s gritty streets and iconic skyline, the great outdoors, colourful street art and Jozi’s glorious sunsets… we look back over five favourite Instagram posts that captured your imagination this month.

Neighbourhood coffee shops

Joburg’s friendly neighbourhood corner cafes are one of the most distinctive features of the local dining scene and every suburb has its favourites. What’s more sunny weather all year around means there’s always the chance to sit outside. Add in an abundance of world-class baristas and you have the perfect recipe for a vibrant cafe culture.

Moonrise over the city skyline

Joburg’s tallest buildings such as the 50 storey Ponte apartment block with its neon red Vodacom advertisment and the Hillbrow telecommunications tower, are among the most distinctive landmarks on the city’s iconic skyline. 2021 has seen some ‘super moons’ rising in the night skies and Joburg photographers, both amateur and professional, have captured these celestial wonders beautifully.

Joburg’s great manmade forest

Joburgers love to brag about the city’s immense ‘manmade forest’ with the streets of the sprawling suburbs lined with hundreds of thousands of trees. Our trees are a source of pride, providing plenty of shade to suburban streets and looking spectacular when viewed from one of the city’s many ridges.

Graffiti in the city

Joburg has an exciting street art scene and around every other street corner there’s always a colourful mural waiting to be admired. South Africa has produced a wealth of acclaimed street artists whose works can be glimpsed in major cities across the world. Many of these world-famous names, such as Stefan Smit (pictured below) also continue to use the many blank walls of Joburg as their canvas.

The people who make our city special

Beyond the buzzing sights and sounds, the art, architecture and abundant green space, it is the people who make this city special. From humble roadside vendors to street style icons, skaters, makers, musicians and migrants, the countless dreamers and hustlers, the inimitable spirit of the people who call this crazy city home can never fail to capture the imagination.

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