Zurich In Your Pocket no. 49 // Lucerne In Your Pocket no. 15

As usually time flies, especially in summer, and even if the temperatures in Switzerland are currently way to hot for October, winter will be here soon enough. So after a summer break we are back at work since quite some time and managed to publish the latest guides to Zurich and Lucerne on time (click the city names to download the pdfs). It has been exactly 8 years now since we published the first In Your Pocket guide to Zurich, we will celebrate the anniversary with the next issue of Zurich In Your Pocket which will be no. 50! As usual we visited a bunch of new restaurants, bars and shops and reviewed them for you (see below). This Zurich issue also has a feature about local products that make a perfect gift or souvenir, while the Lucerne one focuses on winter really.

Enjoy reading the latest In Your Pocket issues!

New Zurich reviews:

For all the latest Zurich reviews, click here.
Restaurants: Coming Soon, EdomaeKhujug, Lucky Noodle, Napa Grill
Cafés: Juicery 21,
Nightlife: Kasheme
Shopping: Chocolat Dieter Meier, Taucherli Chocolate, Sputnik Zurich, Turicum Gin, Soeder

New Lucerne reviews:

Restaurants: Reussbad, Melissa’s Kitchen, Caravelle, Bellini Locanda Ticinese
Cafés: Bistro Krienbrüggli
Nightlife: Sette e Mezzo, Molo, Tschuppi’s Wonderbar
Shopping: BlueTomato, Sidestep / Runnerspoint, bunch of new Mall of  Switzerland Shops



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