10 Ice Cream Delights for this Summer

There is perhaps no fonder childhood memory than the local ice cream truck driving through the neighborhood, music blaring from its tinny speakers, beckoning all to partake of its frosty delights. We know different types of ice cream: soft-serve ice cream, frozen custard, and frozen yogurt. Whichever it is, there is something heavenly in ice cream, isn’t it?

Check out top 10 ice cream places you have to try this summer.

#1 Krakow, Poland
Good Lood on Plac Centralny – look no further, this local brand has set the gold standard. And you won’t have to look far because Good Lood is all over the city centre and present in almost every one of Kraków’s neighbourhoods. What makes them so popular? Good Lood uses only local dairy products, fresh fruit and natural ingredients. They offer a diverse range of unique flavours (different every day, from Strawberry Basil to Nutella Pretzel), their portions are huge to excessive, and they’ll even let you ‘split’ one ‘scoop’ between more than one flavour.

#2 Krakow, Poland
Tiffany Ice Cream – located right on Plac Szczepański, this tiny ice cream parlour offers authentic Persian ice cream, made by a local couple from original recipes. With some of the ingredients imported from Iran, they offer some truly unique flavours you won’t find anywhere else. Their signature ‘smak’ is Saffron, but they also have Pistachio, Cashew nut, Brazilian nut, Sesame and dozens of fruit sorbets. Absolutely worth queuing for.

#3 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Cacao – boasting an unbeatable location just steps from Ljubljana’s famed Prešernov Trg, Cacao is the city’s top destination for ice cream lovers – overwhelmingly voted as having the best ice cream in town in each and every In Your Pocket Best of Summertime competition to date. It’s large tree-shaded terrace along the banks of the Ljubljanica also gets top marks for atmosphere, while the laid-back chocolate brown interior is a great place to chill out with a mouthwatering slice of gourmet cake or freshly prepared fruit smoothie. One of our, and seemingly everyone else’s, favourites. You can find Cacao also in Slovenia, Portorož (seaside) and in Czech Republic in Prague.


#4 Zagreb, Croatia
Orijent – beetroot? Spinach? It’s amazing what kind of ice-cream flavours you can get nowadays. And this is especially true in Zagreb, a city that has always had a pronounced taste for ice cream and which is currently undergoing an ice-cream boom in terms of the quality and variety of what’s on offer. One of the most famous of these patisseries is Orijent (J-2, Maksimirska 34), which has been around since 1937, and is famed throughout the capital for the quality and invention of its cakes; the same degree of care and creativity goes into its ice cream. A well as straightforward vanilla, chocolate and fruit flavours they excel in coming up with their own inventions.

#5 Split, Croatia
Luka Ice-cream & Cakes – known as one of the best places for ice cream in Split, these delicious homemade ice cream flavours will have you coming back over and over again for more. Every day they produce new flavours made with fresh ingredients, so you’ll never get bored trying all the flavours. As well, they also serve tasty pie, cheesecake and smoothies.


#6 Bucharest, Romania
Gran Gelato – Bucharest’s best ice cream, made fresh on the premises, and what’s more, it doesn’t cost a fortune. There are a multitude of flavours to choose from, and they even have vegan ice cream: great news for the faithful next door at the monastery on lent days (which in the Orthodox calendar is every Wednesday and Friday).


#7 Oranjestad, Aruba
Gelatissimo – exactly 40 different flavours of ice cream can be ordered at this charming gelatto parlour, whose name already reflects its love for this frozen product. The giant terrace is large enough to accommodate a couple of football teams and Gelatissimo also serves sizable portions of salads and wraps not to mention excellent cocktails. And with a daily three-hour happy hour you really can’t go wrong here.

#8 Belgrade, Serbia
Flor Gelato Italiano – It’s no secret that Italians know a thing or two about ice cream (or gelato to be more exact), and everything at this Italian gelateria is organic and ethically sources, while the fruit flavours are also completely milk, lactose and animal fat-free. It’s all prepared based on Italian recipes and there’s a huge choice of flavours. You can also taste some equally yummy sweets like tiramisu, waffles, fruit jellies and many more. If you feel thirsty after all those sweet wonders, we recommend ordering some of their homemade milkshakes or fruit juices.


#9 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Monte Pelmo – People queue up to get an ice cream cone at Monte Pelmo, which was formerly a snack bar selling Italian food, and so will you once you see what this small shop has on offer. Try anything from the 32 available choices, from conventional pistachio and stracciatella to more exotic flavours like American cookies and the bright blue ‘smurf’.

#10 Tallinn, Estonia
Cortile – It’s hard to resist a good gelato on a warm day. Italian-owned and operated, this small gelateria has had great success in its first few months and we suspect will continue to have. The gelato is made fresh daily, with a rotating selection of classic flavours like pistachio, lemon, stracciatella, chocolate, fior di latte and more.



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