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  • Traveller Sentiment Report

    This is the second edition of our quarterly traveller sentiment surveys conducted by our increasingly important and quickly expanding research and analysis division. The responses were collected over a one month period from mid-April to mid-May 2021, primarily through our existing global subscriber database, as well as the databases of our local offices, social media and our various other digital platforms. More

  • Experience South Africa on a Bike: Top 5 cycling tours

    South Africa is a beautiful country with many breathtaking, scenic landscapes to see. If you love the outdoors and a breath of fresh air in the mountains or simply, on a vineyard, then cycling tours could be a great adventure for you. Different from site-seeing in a vehicle, cycling allows you to see nature and [...]
  • From San Francisco to Berlin: Running a Virtual Marathon

    When Pheidippides huffed and puffed his way from Marathon to Athens on that fateful day in 490BC, did he realize that he was doing a little more than simply relaying (see what we did there?) surprising news of the end of a battle? Did he know that the journey that brought about his death would [...]
  • In Your Pocket Traveller Sentiment Survey

    As the pandemic enters its second year, travel restrictions are still in place across the globe with some lingering uncertainty about when ‘normal’ tourism activities will be able to resume. Here at In Your Pocket our proverbial hatches are still securely battened down, riding out this hopefully once-in-a-lifetime storm, but remain as optimistic as ever about the future. More

  • 21 Off the Beaten Path European Destinations for 2021

    What better way to share our optimism for 2021 than with a somewhat cliché article highlighting various off the beaten path destinations around Europe, any and all of which would make fabulous destinations for those looking to avoid the crowds and discover some exceptionally cool corners of this fabulous continent! More

  • 10 Incredible Golf Destinations for Non-Golfers

    You don’t need to be Tiger Woods or Rory McElroy to enjoy smacking some balls around in these beautiful golfers’ paradises – although in a few of them you will need a license (spoiler alert: one is Switzerland). What exactly do we mean by “golf destinations for non-golfers”? Find our here! More

  • A Euro 2020 2021 Extravaganza!

    Has it really been four years already? It only feels like yesterday that we were watching Portugal shock the continent in becoming European Champions for the very first time, defeating soon-to-be World Champions France in a final that was a very convincing antonym for the word ‘pulsating’. That’s right, the 2020 UEFA European Football Championship [...]
  • Baba Vanga and the Ballad of 2020

    Did blind Bulgarian mystic predict Trump getting Covid-19? Well, yes, kind of Who doesn’t love a good prediction? Come on now, we all do, be it mild prognostication about the outcome of a game of sport or something a little bigger, something like predicting the end of the world. ‘What do you think will happen?’ [...]
  • How to Earn Your Degree as a Digital Nomad

    The introduction of remote lifestyles is arguably the best thing to have come from the global pandemic. With companies, schools, and individuals realizing that they can maintain their same level of professionalism and responsibility without being tied down by a geographical location, the digital nomad was born. This term refers to an individual who is [...]
  • Live Your Life: 7 Tips for a Solo Traveller

    While seeing the world with friends and family is an important aspect of traveling for many, others may experience a whole other level of fulfilment when traveling solo. If you ever truly want to discover yourself and expand your horizon, there’s nothing better than traveling the world alone. Unfortunately, people have tagged solo traveling with [...]
  • 7 Fantastic Summer Destinations in Greece

    Greece has so many beautiful islands that you may not know which one to choose. The following seven summer destinations, in addition to their natural beauty reminiscent of paradise, will give you beautiful memories and a relaxed and calm vacation. Which is everything that’s necessary for you who can no longer stand the crowds and the noise. 1. Astypalea [...]
  • 10 Things You Can See and Do on Rhodes

    If you’re thinking about visiting Greece in the summer, then you should consider visiting Rhodes. It’s the fourth largest island in Greece, and it has one of the most extensive hotel selections in Greece, which means that it’s an island for all budgets. It combines history with a beautiful landscape, and the old town takes [...]
  • Travel-Inspired Gaming: Around the World in Four Slots

    When we don’t have the time or the resources to travel around the world to explore new places, there are many ways that we can experience them at home from our computers or devices. For example, the popular Assassin’s Creed video games allow gamers to explore fictional stories in locations such as 15th century Florence, [...]
  • Why Many Car Owners’ First Accessory is a Car Cover

    When you buy a car, aside from that distinct new car smell, what else comes to mind? Accessories and a bit of flair. Bumper stickers, spinning rims, and some underglow lights come to mind. But let’s be honest: these are not going to keep your car in one piece when you’re on the road. For [...]
  • South African Food - Braai © davyart, Pixabay

    Do Not Leave South Africa Without Trying These Foods

    South Africa is a vast country with diverse cultures. It is home to descendants of the Dutch, French, Indians, and Malaysians and not forgetting the natives of the land. As such, the culture of the food is just as broad. The cuisines will tickle your taste buds, leaving you with a warm feeling inside, and [...]
  • How to Save For and Finance Your Next Vacation

    We all deserve to rest after months of taxing work to stave away the fatigue and stress. However, the costs and the amount of effort you have to allot to give yourself some time off can be a lot more stressful, which, when you think about it, is counterintuitive to what you're trying to do.  [...]
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