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The 10 Most Obvious Romantic Destinations in Europe

Don't be surprised, Paris was always going to be the first city name you saw here © Pexels / Florencia Potter

Oh, you hopeless romantics, adventurers of amour, seekers of that heart-fluttering, knee-weakening, storybook kind of love-welcome! Have you ever found yourself daydreaming about whisking away your significant other (or hey, future significant other – keep that swiping finger ready!) to a European escapade dripping with so much romance that even Nicholas Sparks would be taking notes?

Well, fret not, because we’ve combed through cobblestones, canoodled in cafes, and – dare we say – snogged on scenic sunsets to bring you the crème de la crème of romantic hotspots across Europe. Fasten your seatbelts, or rather, unfasten your heartstrings; we’re about to embark on a whirlwind tour of love-soaked landscapes that’ll leave you smitten, bitten, and possibly even hitched (no pressure, though). So grab your passport and a sturdy hand to hold-things are about to get swoon-worthy.

Paris, France

Yes, it’s Paris again, sorry, but you were the one who clicked the link to get here, so you’ve got no one to blame but yourself © Pexels / Kelly

Ah, Paris – the “City of Love,” where romance is apparently served up like croissants on a Sunday morning. But what’s the secret sauce that makes every alleyway and boulevard scream “Amour”? I’ll tell you: it’s those ridiculously charming cobbled streets that look like they’ve been ripped right out of a swoon-worthy rom-com, where even the pigeons cooing sound like they’re quoting poetry. Throw in the candle-lit bistros, where whispers float above the clink of wine glasses, and you’ve got a setting where even the most hardened cynics might consider holding hands.

Have you seen the Eiffel Tower at night, sparkling like it’s trying to outdo the stars above with its light show? Quite the show-off, really, but oh so effective in setting hearts aflutter. And the art, oh l’amour for the art – the Louvre alone has enough masterpieces to make one pine for the days of grand gestures and love letters. So, tell me, if you’re not in some way enticed to snuggle up on a Seine river cruise while sharing glances that say “Je t’aime”, are you even in Paris?

Venice, Italy

Venice is about as cliché as you can get for a romantic destination in Europe that doesn’t rhyme with ‘dairy’ © Pexels / Anastasiya Lobanovskaya

Venice, oh Venice – where the gondolas are more reliable than your last date and the waterways tell tales of romance that could make Casanova himself blush. Why do lovebirds flock here like pigeons to Piazza San Marco? Picture this: gliding through serpentine canals while being serenaded by a striped-shirt gondolier, whose voice is probably smoother than the gelato you’ll later use as an excuse to get closer to your sweetheart. The ochre-hued buildings, slightly tipsy on their wooden foundations, whisper the secrets of ancient lovers as they lean in, creating a feeling that the whole city’s conspiring to get you cuddling.

And wait, did someone say “Italian cuisine”? Because nothing says “ti amo” quite like accidentally twirling the same spaghetti strand Lady and the Tramp style, right? I mean, if sharing a pizza in a quaint trattoria, under the glow of a street lamp that’s watched over amorous escapades since the dawn of modern courtship, doesn’t have you hearing wedding bells, what will?

And let’s not forget, as night falls and the crowds dissipate, walking hand in hand under the stars of a less noisy sky, isn’t there just a hint of magic as the city seems to breathe with the rhythm of the tides? So go ahead, lose yourself (not literally, the alleys can be a maze) in a place where every corner offers a chance to fall in love all over again. After all, if Venice doesn’t spell romance, perhaps we need to rewrite the dictionary, don’t you think?

Bruges, Belgium

If the name Bruges doesn’t immediately make you picture Colin Ferrell looking confused and swearing, then we probably can’t be friends, sorry © Pexels / Beata Makuch

Then there’s Bruges, or as I like to call it, the hidden Pinterest board of romantic hotspots. It’s the quieter, cuter cousin of Paris and Venice, with an understated charm that screams romance for those who’ve had quite enough of the ‘trying too hard’ tourist traps. Have you strolled down those fairytale streets? It’s like wandering through a medieval fantasy where the buildings are made of gingerbread and you half expect a knight on a horse to come clip-clopping past.

The canals, they say, are the watery whispers of the city, echoing silent ‘I love you’s as they ripple beneath stone bridges. And who needs a gondola when you can have a whole boat tour to yourselves, gently cruising past swans that are frankly more elegant than any love-struck couple could hope to be?

Then there’s the chocolate – oh, the chocolate! – the real MVP of romantic gestures. Ever tried a Belgian praline? It’s like a love potion for your taste buds. Bruges is that sweetheart of a city where you can hop on a bike, wind in your hair (and maybe in your partner’s teeth because, let’s be honest, it’s not all glamourous), and just ride past windmills as if you’ve pedalled straight into a romance novel’s most saccharine chapter. And come nightfall, when the last glow of the sun kisses the old market square goodbye, it’s the perfect backdrop for that lingering, isn’t-life-wonderful smooch.

So, all you star-crossed lovers, feel like slow dancing in the moonlight, or is the thought of sharing a cone of frites more your vibe? Because in Bruges, love isn’t just in the air; it’s in every chocolate shop, snug tavern, and cobblestone corner whispering sweet nothings to your soul. Now, do you believe in love at first sight, or do I need to walk by again with another tempting tale of Bruges’ charm?

Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is one of the two reasons why this article uses the word ‘destinations’ in the title, rather than ‘cities’ © Pexels / Siegfried Poepperl

Tuscany is where the vineyards stretch out like a green sea, and the wine is more intoxicating than a lover’s gaze. Why, you ask, do couples waltz off to this sun-kissed region as if lured by the siren call of epic romance? Picture this: You’re ambling through rolling hills at sunset, the sky splashed with shades of passion, and around every corner, there’s a rustic villa whispering, “Come in, unwind, fall in love.” It’s the sort of place where you can’t help but feel suave sipping a Chianti that’s older than your dating history.

And the cuisine! If food be the language of love, then Tuscany’s your Shakespeare, serving up dishes that make you want to shout ‘amore’ from the rooftops. Let’s not kid ourselves, who wouldn’t swoon over a slab of pecorino cheese with a drizzle of fig jam – it’s basically a love poem on a plate. The art and history here have a romance of their own, from the Uffizi Gallery’s masterpieces that make you want to stroke your chin thoughtfully and nod, to the streets of Florence, echoing with the ghostly footsteps of the Medici, likely plotting their next grand, yet somehow charming, Machiavellian scheme.

And those Tuscan towns – are you kidding me with those medieval streets of Siena and Lucca, where you can wander hand in hand, getting delightfully lost, only to find the perfect spot for a sunset kiss atop an ancient wall? And dare I mention the thermal spas of Saturnia, bubbling up from the earth’s depths, inviting one to let go of all inhibitions (except, of course, your swimming costumes, let’s keep it PG, shall we?).

Tuscany – where every vine, every stone, and every drop of olive oil seems to have been primed for passion – can I get an ‘oh là là’… or rather ‘oh mio dio’? Now, tell me, are you ready to trade your lacklustre Tinder swipes for a Tuscan escapade where the only thing more fiery than the sunsets is the spark in your eyes when you clink those wine glasses?

Verona, Italy

Verona is one of the only places in the world, where you’ll have to queue for hours to see a balcony where nothing actually happened in real life © Pexels / Helena Jankovičová Kováčová

Oh, Verona, dear Verona, wherefore art thou so blimmin’ romantic? Look lively, lads and lasses, because this isn’t just about retracing the heart-fluttery steps of good old Romeo and Juliet. Sure, you can stand beneath that famous balcony at Casa di Giulietta and recite sweet nothings into your beloved’s ear – original, right?

But hey, don’t be too quick to judge; there’s something oddly thrilling about playing out literature’s most dramatic love scene, even if you’re more likely to get a crick in the neck from the tourists than a peck on the lips. Meander around this UNESCO World Heritage Site, and you’ll be up to your knees in cobblestone charm and opera serenades that’ll have you both swooning faster than you can say ‘pasta al dente’.

Each alleyway here is steeped in stories and, likely, the scent of a nearby osteria that’ll lure you in with the promise of a meal you can tell your grandkids about – because who wouldn’t want “and then Nonna made pasta so good we fell in love” in their family folklore? Traverse the Ponte Pietra – that’s ‘Stone Bridge’ to you and me – and feel the Veronese air play Cupid as you gaze upon the Adige River, thinking, “Isn’t this just the spot to drop a knee or, you know, just take a really fetch selfie?”

And if you fancy yourself as a bit of a sommelier, or just like a tipple, the Valpolicella vineyards are a short jaunt away, bursting with grapes pretty much begging to be transformed into the smoothest love potion this side of the Alps. So, what’s the verdict? Is Verona awaiting your wooing presence, or will it be a case of ‘same time next year, fair Verona’? 

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Don’t worry, not even locals can agree how to pronounce the name! © Pexels / José Barbosa

Oh, Ljubljana, you hidden gem of romance, nestled in the heart of Slovenia like it’s waiting for someone to whisper, “I’ve found you!” Now, don’t go pronouncing it wrong; let’s say it together – Lyoo-BLYAH-nah – see, you’re practically a local already. Fancy strolling hand-in-hand by the Ljubljanica river, where the swans give you that “get a room” look because your cooing is upsetting their style? Or maybe you’re yearning for a sunset that paints the sky in hues of affection while you clink glasses of Refosco in one of the many riverside cafés, sharing side glances that say, “Oh, we’re that couple now.”

Ljubljana Castle, perched on its hilltop throne like it just won ‘Best in Show’, offers panoramic views that’ll make your heart sing louder than the street musicians down in the old town. And speaking of old town, those cobbled lanes are a recipe for whimsical wonder, peppered with quirky boutiques and gelaterias serving up scoops of “am I in a dream?” Take a funicular ride – it’s like a candlelit dinner, assuming you dine on vertical railways – and once at the top, wouldn’t you know it, there’s just enough twilight to trade sweet declarations, or compare who’s got the better silhouette against the evening stars.

Ljubljana’s magic isn’t just in its postcard charm; it’s in the very air, which must be laced with an enchantment that makes lovers feel like they’re starring in their own rom-com. But, come on, who’d believe that Ljubljana is not just Slovenia’s capital, but also the capital of cuddles and whispers, without experiencing it for themselves? So, are you ready to swap your mundane Monday for a bit of Ljubljana love?

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik: Because nothing says romance like Game of Thrones and hoards of tourists © Pexels / Carlo Jünemann

Dubrovnik is Croatia’s not-so-secret jewel, where love isn’t just in the air, it’s practically part of the infrastructure! The moment you set eyes on those imposing stone walls and glittering Adriatic Sea, you’ll feel like you’ve waltzed right into the middle of a sweeping epic – cue the dramatic love theme. Strolling hand in hand through the ancient streets, you’re more likely to stumble upon a scene worthy of a proposal than a patch of uneven cobblestone. Are the terracotta rooftops there simply for architectural splendour, or are they Cupid’s cohorts, warming your hearts from above? Who’s to say.

Feast your eyes on the old town, where every alleyway whispers secrets of bygone romances and promises to keep yours just as fervently. Fancy a bit of knight-in-shining-armour gallantry? Scale the city walls at sunset, and I dare you not to feel utterly noble – and who knows, you might even rescue your significant other from the peril of boredom. The locals have love down to an art form, serving seafood dinners with a side of sultry glances that could melt even the stoniest heart. When was the last time you watched the sun bow out over the sea, hand in hand with your beloved, as if the day is saying ‘you’ve done well, lovebirds, and tomorrow you’ll do it all again’?

And just when you thought you’d seen all the romantic vistas, take a cable car ride up to Mount Srđ, only to have your breath taken away again – this time literally, because, you know, altitude. Can’t you just envision lovers of yore penning sonnets here, or at least feverishly updating their relationship status? Dubrovnik isn’t simply a romantic destination; it’s where love comes to take notes. So, what say you, amorous adventurers? Ready to trade those forgettable coffee dates for some Dubrovnik dreaminess?

Provence, France

One word: Lavender © Pexels / Claudio Vincenti

Ah, Provence! That sun-kissed slice of heaven in the South of France where the lavender fields stretch out like the Earth’s own quilt. Have you ever fancied swanning through rows of purple splendour, humming tunes and pretending you’re the protagonist in a period romance novel? Of course you have, and why not? Now, I know you’re thinking, “Surely it can’t all be endless vineyards and villages perched precariously on hilltops as if they’re posing for a postcard,” but dear traveller, it is. And it’s gloriously clichéd in the best possible way. Picture it: the local markets are a symphony of colours, scents, and sounds, where you and your better half can play ‘guess the cheese origin’ – and, spoiler alert, they’re mostly French.

As the daylight wanes, you’re sipping on Chateauneuf-du-Pape, natch, and dining al fresco – because, darling, that’s just what one does here – while exchanging whispers that even the cicadas pause to eavesdrop on. Those winding back roads were tailor-made for a jaunt in a car that’s shamelessly retro, roof down and all, as the wind plays tag with your hair and the Mediterranean sea peeks at you from afar, nudging you to take a dip. After all, is it really a day in Provence if you haven’t felt the heady mix of salt, lavender and, let’s be honest, a touch of sunburn? Romantic, right?

So, whether you’re there to clink glasses, steal kisses, or simply soak in the Provençal charm that seems to have been designed by Cupid himself in a particularly whimsical mood, one thing is for certain – you’ll leave carrying a scrapbook of moments that feel like they’ve been plucked straight from a fairy tale. So, pack your bags, grab that special someone, and tell me, what will your Provence love story be?

Salzburg, Austria

We’ve got nothing snarky to say about Salzburg, it’s a fine city © Pexels / Marko Klaric

If ever there was a city serenading lovers with the sweet sound of music, it’s Salzburg. This Austrian gem, sitting pretty on the banks of the Salzach River, is like a chocolate box with the lid enticingly ajar; you can’t help but reach for a piece – or in this case, a picturesque nook to canoodle in. Picture you and your darling strolling through Mirabell Gardens, where the flowers are more colourful than your Nana’s knitting and the manicured hedges are crisper than a wintery morning. Remember ‘The Sound of Music’? Of course, you do – spontaneous twirls are basically mandatory here. And let’s not even start on the Hohensalzburg Fortress, a royal pad so opulent, it practically begs you to flounce about pondering royal affairs – you know, like what cake to sample next at that cute café you spotted.

Now, speaking of treats, Salzburg’s café culture is all about cosy intimacy, with a side of decadent pastries that’ll have you swooning faster than you can say “Sachertorte, please!” As dusk descends, the city’s baroque spires cast silhouettes that dance on the walls of the Altstadt (Old Town), and how could you resist the urge to dance along, preferably cheek to cheek? And lest we forget – Mozart was born here. That’s right, Wolfgang himself. His melodies waft through the streets, supplying the soundtrack to your romantic escapade.

Ever gazed up at an Alpine skyline while lying on a riverbank with your better half, convinced that the stars have never twinkled so conspiratorially? No? Well, pack your bags and your best puns – because my friend, Salzburg isn’t just sparkling water, it’s pure effervescent love in a glass. Frosty beer mug? Preference noted. Either way, isn’t it about time you waltzed into the arms of Salzburg, the city that sweeps you off your feet without so much as asking for the next dance?

Annecy, France

One of our favourite people in the world is from Annecy, and she’s the real life version of Amélie combined with Kramer from Seinfeld – and that is such a random statement, you know that it must actually be true © Pexels / Hugo Magalhaes

Oh, Annecy, my dear amorous wanderers, is where romance isn’t just a chance occurrence – it’s pretty much the law of the land. How else would you explain the spellbinding merge of canals and cobblestones that seems to have stepped straight out of a painting? They don’t call it the “Venice of the Alps” for nothing. Imagine cozying up on a boat, gliding through the waterways with swans as your chaperones – sounds terribly romantic, doesn’t it?

And let’s talk about that crystal-clear lake, reflecting the surrounding mountains like nature’s own version of a Snapchat filter. It’s the sort of place you’d half expect to bump into Mr. Darcy, skipping stones and brooding handsomely. And if the thought of picnicking by the lakeside with a spread of local cheeses and a flask of crisp white wine doesn’t make your heart flutter, I’d check for a pulse. As twilight sneaks in, the town’s alpine glow goes all mood lighting on you, setting the stage for whispered sweet nothings beneath a canopy of stars. Because, why whisper sweet somethings when nothings sound so much more mysterious? 

By the time you meander back through the old town, with its fairy-light adorned alleys and chocolatiers that coyly suggest “as you’re in France, calories are on hiatus,” you’d be forgiven for feeling a bit like you’ve stumbled into Cupid’s personal hideaway. Annecy’s charm is like a fine wine, invigorating and a touch intoxicating – because really, who has time for sober seduction? So, pack that bag, grab your other half’s hand, and tell me: are you prepared to declare yourself swooned in the alpine airs of Annecy?

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