5 Good Reasons Get Australian Citizenship

5 Reasons to Get Australian Citizenship © GTS Productions /
5 Reasons to Get Australian Citizenship © GTS Productions /

Applying for Australian citizenship can be an intimidating task for many people but the benefits of taking Australian citizenship are totally worth it. Anyone living in Australia for more than four years as a permanent resident is valid to apply for Australian citizenship. Furthermore, anyone who is born to a permanent Australian resident can also apply for Australian citizenship. If any of your parents is an Australian citizen and you were born overseas, you can also apply for Australian citizenship. You can get the same rights as other children born in Australia. Visit for an easy Australian citizenship application. Here are some good reasons to obtain Australian citizenship.

1. You can Get Federal Government and Defence Jobs:

You need to have Australian citizenship in order to become eligible to get the federal government and defence jobs. This is because the Australian government has set these laws and regulations for the sake of national security. You cannot serve the country in the Army, Navy, and Air Force unless you are an Australian citizen. Thus, if you are an Australian citizen, you can avail the opportunity to work in the federal government sectors.

With that Australian passport you can take off to visa free travel to almost any country in the world!

2. Visa-Free Travel to 171 Countries:

The strength of the Australian passport is the eighth in terms of travel freedom. That means holders of Australian passport can visit 171 countries and territories without a visa or with a visa on arrival. Thus, if you love traveling, you can take advantage of an Australian passport. You have to apply for Australian citizenship if you want to get an Australian passport. It is considered as one of the best passports to travel on. Furthermore, you can receive consular assistance in any country you visit with an Australian passport. You may need assistance if you met an accident or accused of a crime overseas. Australian consulate will also offer assistance if an Australian passport holder dies overseas.

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3. Right to Vote:

If you are an Australian citizen and older than 18 years old, you have the right to vote and be heard. It is actually compulsory to vote in local, state, or federal elections if you are an Australian citizen. Thus, after getting Australian citizenship, you will have the privilege to get involved in the democratic process and the right to vote for the candidate who best matches your voice and views.

You’ll sleep like a baby (koala) once you’ve got Australian citizenship!

4. You can Move to New Zealand:

Australia has close ties with the neighbouring country New Zealand. Being an Australian citizen, you can enjoy the freedom to live anywhere you like in Australia, or you can also permanently move to New Zealand if you wish to live there. Thus, Australian citizens have the right to live and work in New Zealand and they are also entitled to various other benefits. For instance, you can also claim for Australian aged-pension in New Zealand if you are eligible for it.

5. You Children can Become Australian Citizens:

After you have got Australian citizenship, your children born overseas are also eligible to apply for Australian citizenship. Thus, if you become an Australian citizen, your kids can also become Australian citizens by descent and they can enjoy the same rights as any other child born in Australia.

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