An Alternative Guide to Rhodes

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Have you visited Rhodes and thought you have seen everything already? Maybe it is time to rethink. Rhodes has the reputation of a touristy island, not without a cause, but most people focus on the Rhodes centre, the close by areas, and Lindos which is a must-see. Rhodes centre has its beauty and charm with its historical buildings, port view, casino, and beautiful colours. Rhodes has much more to offer though. Let’s see what you should be visiting next time you fly to Rhodes. For the casino lovers that cannot travel at the moment, you can try checking out a casino online instead. ​

1. Healthy and delicious

From bowl meals with rice, cereals, and vegetables to wholemeal pasta and vegan burgers. Soul Kitchen offers light cuisine with many options but without discounts on taste. Try the grilled chicken with kale, sweet potato, and corn or the salad with black lentils, cherry tomatoes, orange, and fennel. On the menu, you will also see breakfast, brunch, smoothies, and drinks. They also do delivery.

2. The Springs of Kallithea

July 1, 1929, was a warm day in Rhodes. This did not prevent the grand opening of the springs of Kallithea with the presence of the Italian King Vittorio Emanuele. The Italians, moreover, were the ones who recognized the therapeutic value of the springs but also the beauty of the landscape, which is why the buildings follow the “architectura naturale”, the architectural integration that is in the surrounding area. Walk on the pebble patios, go down to the beach and see the history of the springs in the photo exhibition. Access to the thermal waters is not possible since the project for the configuration of the facilities has been approved but has not progressed.

3. Satisfying Beach Life

Most beaches on the island are long and sandy, especially in the southern part. Closer to the city, choose Afandou for its length – no matter how crowded it is, you will find a free spot. A little closer, Traganou has small pebbles and many caves. Anthony Quinn is on the same side and closer to the city. Pines, pebbles, and turquoise waters made the famous actor fall in love with the little gulf and wanted to buy it, which in the end did not happen. Come early to find a free spot. For a quick dip in the city, the cosmopolitan Elli is a must. The most daring will attempt a dip from the podium. For coffee, food, and cocktails head to the right side, at the beach bar Ronda. A very good choice near the city is Agia Marina, where the elegant beach bar Santa Marina operates.

4. Safari in the South

The southern part of the island is the wildest and least touristy. An exception is Prasonisi, the small island at the southern tip of Rhodes, which is connected by a narrow strip of land inland. The spot is exposed to the winds and that is why it has become a paradise for surfers but also all water sports fans. You will find jet skis and wakeboards from many beach rental agencies. If you prefer something quieter, a few kilometres further north, the beach of Agios Georgios is one of the few unorganized beaches on the island. It has a long length, sand, and crystal-clear waters. To reach it, you will need to drive on a passable dirt road. A little further north, in Lachania, the Mojito Beach Bar is famous for its cocktails, while the Sole Giaguaro serves delicious Italian cuisine with the signature of Giovanni Scaraggi, who recently participated in a television cooking competition.

5. Canoeing, Cycling, Adventure

Lake and forest in Rhodes? And yet, on the southwest side of the island, after the construction of a dam in 1989, a unique wetland has been created around the artificial lake of Apolakkia. The protected area is part of the Natura 2000 network and here three young people with a love for nature and the island decided to build the Rhodescape Adventure Park. By the standards of mild tourism, the park has wooden structures, a café, and many interesting activities for adults and children: from archery, horseback riding, and canoeing to cycling and zip lining over the lake.

6. For Coffee, Breakfast, and Drink in the City

One of the most beautiful places for coffee and breakfast in the city of Rhodes is the Yachting Club Café next to the marina in Mandraki. The trees offer their shade, the service is exemplary, the coffee is of excellent quality and stays open until late if you want a relaxing drink. You will also find a relaxed atmosphere at The Last Butler, which specializes in jazz music and manicured cocktails. A different experience is offered by the Sissitio complex which is housed in a preserved monumental building complex which in the past functioned as a place of worship but also as a poorhouse. Ideal for brunch or afternoon coffee in the pebbled yard.

7. Kritinia

Built on a hill, with panoramic sea views, the village of Kritinia is famous for its castle. It was built in the late 15th century by the Venetians to protect the west side of the island from Ottoman attacks. A nice time to visit it is the sunset, which will be less hot, and the sun will set opposite the castle. In the village, there is a small folklore museum with objects of everyday life from ancient times. The village square enjoys the coolness of two large trees and overlooks the sea. You will sit for coffee here or at the entrance of the village to the cafe Mylos which also has a nice view. At a distance of 5 km from the village, you will find a very beautiful bay for diving, Kopria, with fine pebbles and blue waters.

8. Through the Eucalyptus Trees

For about 1.5 km, you will see right and left only eucalyptus trees. The narrow road that connects the national road Rhodes-Lindos with the settlement of Kolimbia is the work of the Italians, who are said to have chosen eucalyptus for its insect repellent properties. At the end of the road turn right for Atlantica Imperial Resort & Spa where the Mylos and Blue Bay restaurants are located, open to visitors outside the resort. Both serve creative cuisine signed by chef Elias Kakouris.

9. The Old Town from Above

Would you like to see the Old Town with its narrow alleys, the walls that separate it from the outside world, its arches, and its elaborate buildings from above? This opportunity is offered by the Ministry of Culture, opening for the public a route on the walls and perimeters of the Old Town (starting in the courtyard of the Palace of the Grand Master, Monday-Friday 12.00-15.00). The other way to feel the atmosphere of the medieval city of Rhodes within the walls is to wander at night on its quieter and more secluded sides, away from the crowds and shops. Along the walls are the quietest streets of Knights and Homer.

10. At the Monastery of Filerimos

At the top of the hill and surrounded by cypresses and pines is the Monastery of Filerimos. At a distance of 11 km from the city, it is an oasis of coolness with many trees and walking paths around the monastery. From there you will have a view of Ialyssos and the sea. The monastery itself, built in the 14th century during the Knighthood, is an architectural masterpiece, with stone vaulted arches and small chapels.

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