Europe’s Top November Events

Events in november

Whether you’re into film festivals, art exhibitions, wine tasting or vegan Christmas fairs, there’s a major event happening this November to use as the perfect excuse for booking a European getaway!

30 Years After the Wall

Europe's Top November Events - 30 years after the wall

As we continue to hurtle through the 21st century, few cities feel as international, as universal as Berlin. This is a city that opens its arms to anyone and everyone, where cultures collide in conversation and cuisine. The German capital, more so than anywhere, exemplifies the curiosity of modern times, where meeting different people from all over the world is the norm, but for 10,316 days, the opposite was true.

Illuminarium – Light Festival

Illuminarium - Light Festival November 2019

Date: Nov 14 – Dec 30

At this Christmas event called Illuminarium in the courtyard of the Swiss National Museum visitors can expect a magical winter world of light, illumination, illusion, music and culinary delights featuring storytelling and mysterious creatures like Yuki presented as light installations and a show for the whole family.

Staro Rīga Light Festival

Europe's Top November Events - Staro Rīga Light Festival

Date: Nov 15 – Nov 18

Every year around Latvia’s independence day festivities in November, Riga puts on an amazing light festival for a few nights which is seen by tens of thousands of people. Dozens of buildings and landmarks throughout the city are illuminated with photographs, games, films and other artistic creations and the old town is usually flooded with people. 

Tallinn Comedy Festival

Date: Nov 12 – Nov 15

With the shorter, darker days on the way, a little bit of laughter goes a long way, and that’s exactly what the annual Tallinn Comedy Festival is for! Laugh out loud to famous comedians and up-and-coming acts, with entertainers from Estonia and around the world. Read more about this year’s programme from the website.

Ljubljana Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Ljubljana Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Date: Nov 23 – Dec 1

First held in 1984, the festival holds the dual distinction of being the oldest gay and lesbian film festival in all of Europe and the oldest international film festival of any kind in Slovenia. Organised by the ŠKUC Association, with financial support coming from the city of Ljubljana and the British Council among others, the festival receives submissions from around the world and its programme features films from gay and lesbian filmmakers as well as films related to GLBT themes and issues.

The 5th Fine Arts Biennial and The Leipzig Connection

Date: Oct 2 – Dec 8

Since 2011, the Fine Arts Biennial has been presenting the development and current achievements of the national fine arts scene. It is seen as an ideal opportunity for the public to view the different backgrounds and poetics of each individual artist presented. This year’s edition includes works by 40 selected and 5 invited prominent Croatian artists, as well as foreign guests.

Kinomania 33 1/2

Kinomania 33 1/2

Date: Nov 14 – Nov 28

The annual film festival organised by The National Palace of Culture,  is already in its 33rd year and eagerly awaited by Sofianites as the winter evenings draw in and people are looking for that special reason to venture out.

Vegfest LT Christmas Fair

Date: Nov 23 – Nov 24

The Vegfest LT Christmas Fair, organized for the third time will take place at the shopping and leisure center Panorama. 75 Vegan and Vegan friendly businesses from Lithuania and abroad will participate in it.

Andrzejki: St. Andrew’s Eve in Poland

Andrzejki: St. Andrew's Eve in Poland

Date: Nov 29

If you’re a single young lady in Poland on the night of November 29th, you have a unique, perhaps harrowing, opportunity before you; or a great excuse to flee the country. The Eve of St. Andrew’s Day (Andrzejki) has been associated with fortune-telling in Poland for centuries. 

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