How to Plan a European Road Trip

First step in planning a European road trip is deciding where to go and getting a set of wheels

Besides Asia, Europe is another continent rich with gorgeous landscapes and features that are unique, one country after another. Here, you can enjoy bathing in the sunlight on the coast of Italy, or trek across snowy mountain ranges in Austria. These two locations alone are a sneak peek of what awaits you in Europe.

However, before you go hopping on the first ride you see heading to Europe, why not consider taking a road trip to get there instead? With new regulations and the requirements that passengers must meet when they arrive in Europe; flying has become far too complicated. While problems with fuel and the car itself may pose problems during a road trip, they’re already to be expected, especially for seasoned car drivers.

Therefore, if you’re thinking of planning a European road trip, here is some useful information that you need to know:

1. Consider Renting A Van

Many people already have cars. However, most of these vehicles typically don’t offer enough comfort or space for storage to be useful for long distance travel. Therefore, renting a campervan with the amenities you require would be suitable if you want to travel with ease. With it, your travel experience will significantly improve, especially if you’re the driver. 

If costs are a concern, you can look for websites that provide campervan rentals at a reasonable price. Simply choose your dates and the location where you want to pick up the rental. When you have a budget and an itinerary for your European road trip, the booking process can go quickly and easily. 

On the other hand, you might think about getting your own campervan if you want road trips to become a regular part of your life. Numerous online merchants offer Motorhomes For Sale with services that assist you in selecting a campervan that will meet your road trip needs. If you want to camp anywhere, this vehicle will be useful. Just ensure you find the perfect resting spot.

2. Check Your Legal Requirements

Despite the fact that you’re travelling alone, you are still subject to European laws. Therefore, you should review and keep in mind any regulations that may apply to driving or travelling. This is due to the fact that some European countries forbid the entry of any non-European car, whether it’s rented or not.

Besides prohibition, some countries offer permits or vignettes for sale to tourists who are entering foreign lands. Admittedly, these passes tend to lean towards the pricier side, so it’s highly recommended you do your research. Otherwise, your budget might come short before you can enjoy the trip properly. Besides documentation, research about toll gate fees as well since these are bound to differ for foreigners.

Renting a motorhome or van for a European road trip opens up a whole new world of possibilities!

3. Know The Best Timing

Just like with everything else, your timing means everything. Considering how many people prefer to travel by car rather than by plane, you’re bound to get stuck in traffic with how long the queue is, even if you go off-road and venture into the wilderness. Not only that, but the tourist establishments – especially accommodations – undergo a price hike whenever foreigners like you start pouring in. Thus, you might be swayed into choosing a campervan because of this.

Lucky for you, people are often predictable. Therefore, it’s unsurprising for tourist seasons to peak during July and August. After all, who doesn’t want to make the most of their summers in Europe? So, if you’re planning a European road trip, choosing the least busy months of the year is best. Admittedly, each country has different peak tourist seasons, so research must be done regardless.

4. Plan Your Route

Toll gates are often roadies’ worst nightmare. Because the more well-known the spot is, the more absurd the fees get. Therefore, if you want to save money, owning a map of the area to lay out which route best avoids toll gates is extremely handy. But you must guarantee that the map you’re looking at is up-to-date. Otherwise, you’ll cause more harm than good in that predicament. 

Furthermore, what makes road trips much more fun than taking the flight is how you can experience Europe up close. After all, setting out by car requires you to make pit stops to refuel or stock up on the essentials. Ideally, the best practice for this is to hit the best places in towns and cities. And depending on how famous they are, these spots tend to be rich in culture and sights. Therefore, it’s safe to say that no amount of cheap airfare could ever top that.

5. Pack The Essentials

Although it’s great to have a view of the country up close, setting off on a road trip means you’re on your own. For first-timers, this might be challenging since planes always come with attendants who tend to the passenger’s needs as soon as the flight takes off until landing. Now you’re left to fend for yourself, so packing the essentials should be your top priority.

Clothes are already a no-brainer since you’d want to stay fresh throughout your trip. However, it’s best to pack extra. Don’t forget to keep the weather in mind because who knows what patterns it’ll take while you’re out travelling. However, reflective jackets and other deflector garments are compulsory in Europe as well as a first aid kit. Documentation and camping gear should also be considered since you’ll be on the road for a while.


Travelling has always been an exciting endeavour. After all, the world is vast with surprises waiting for you to discover. And considering the size of Europe, it’s no surprise why so many people dream of venturing there. But while flying there is always an option, there’s no harm in travelling on the road. Although, to make sure everything goes smoothly, you must lay out a plan to start out strong.

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