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10 Incredible Golf Destinations for Non-Golfers

You don’t need to be Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy to enjoy smacking some balls around in these beautiful golfers’ paradises – although in a few of them you will need a license (spoiler alert: one is Switzerland). What exactly do we mean by “golf destinations for non-golfers”? We don’t really know, it just sounded good when we were trying to come up with an interesting title for an article that is more or less just an excuse to present a lot of our golf content in one place.

However, if we were forced to explain ourselves in hindsight, these golf destinations listed below are all excellent places to spend some holiday even without hitting the links, offering fascinating ancient history like Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast, intriguing contemporary art in Kassel, Germany, legendary nightlife in Belgrade, Serbia and endless beaches on Australia’s Gold Coast – just to name a few. Of course, what ties them all together are their thousands of yards of well-manicured fairways and greens just waiting to be trodden on as you play through.

Bulgaria’s Best Golf Courses on the Black Sea Coast

Breathtaking Cape Kaliakra on Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast

Golf is a hugely popular sport that is enjoyed by people of all ages. Although often played competitively, most choose golf for relaxation. There’s no reason why you can’t combine some golf with a vacation on the Black Sea! So where can you play golf in Bulgaria? Here are our top picks with some of the finest golf courses along the Black Sea coast  which also all happen to be in the region near Varna. Read more here….

Swing some clubs in Switzerland

Ready to tee off? Not so fast! Can I see your license please?

Wondering where to play golf in and around Zurich? Relax – it’s all here! We’ve put together a selection of courses and driving ranges. There is one range and a 9-hole golf course within the city limits and a few ranges and courses you can reach within less than half an hour’s drive of Zurich. A problem you might face however are the playing restrictions all these courses have. Most probably unlike your home country, you need at least a certificate of proficiency, the so called platzreife if you want to play on a Swiss golf course. The platzreife (PR) is an official document, stating you know the basics of golf. Read more (about Swiss golf bureaucracy) here….

Golfing on the sunny side of the Alps

Royal Bled Golf Course: Fit for a King!

In the past decade or so golf in Slovenia has grown from a minor curiosity into a full-fledged recreational sport enjoyed by thousands of locals and visitors alike, and was also named the Undiscovered Golf Destination of 2015 by the International Golf Travel Writers Association. While Slovenia may be a small country in terms of square kilometres, its geographical diversity makes it an especially interesting destination for golfers. There are now a dozen courses in the country, nearly all of which are within a one-hour drive of Ljubljana. Read more here….

Best Golf Courses in the Algarve

Vilamoura Old Course in Portugal’s idyllic Algarve

What a beautiful part of the world to play golf in. Pack those clubs and your finest golf shoes, bring one of those wacky hats and prepare yourself for a golfing experience that will live on in your memories. Our only worry is that playing golf in the Algarve might ruin courses back home for you. These are our favourite courses in the region. Read more here….

Northern Ireland’s Top Spa and Golf Resorts

Slieve Donard Resort and Spa

With the successes of local boys Rory McIlroy, Graeme McDowell and Darren Clarke on the global golfing circuit, and the return of the The Open to Royal Portrush Golf Club in 2019, there’s never been a better time to indulge in Northern Ireland’s top golf and spa resorts. Primed and poised for your leisure pleasure, we visit four of the best in our quest to bring you a va va vacation you’ll never forget. Keep checking their websites for up-to-date packages and deals. Clubs and scrubs at the ready. Read more here….

First Warsaw Golf & Country Club

This hole at First Warsaw doesn’t leave you much leeway for errors

Apart from its legendary 18 hole Par 72 Championship course, First Warsaw features an 18/9 hole beginners short course and one of the most comprehensive, fully lit, practice areas in Poland, aka the FW PGA National Practice Centre. Polands’ most prestigious links and the only Park Land Course is just a 25 km drive from Warsaw City Centre. Read more here….

Play a round in the heart of Germany

Close that deal on the course, then go see some art in Kassel

Whether you view it as a king’s sport or as a way to ruin a good walk, there is no denying the international reach and popularity of golf. This is true even in the heart of Germany, and there are a number of excellent courses just outside Kassel itself. Picturesque scenery and exemplary fairways await, although don’t forget to wear the correct attire and brush up on your golfing terminology before teeing off. Read more here….

Belgrade Golf Club

Just aim for the World’s longest suspension bridge in Belgrade

With an idyllic location alongside the Sava river, Belgrade’s golf course is as popular an attraction for its tranquillity and aesthetics as it is bunkers, greens and fairways. A nine hole course with a longest hole length of 488 yards, the course will challenge beginners and entertain more talented players alike. If the twists and turns of the course doesn’t appeal, simply buy a bucket of balls and head to the driving range for an afternoon’s thwacking. Read more here….

And, for those looking for an excuse to travel a bit further afield than the continent we affectionately like to call ‘Europe’, here are a few words from our local offices in South Africa and Australia, respectively…..

A Golfer’s Guide to Joburg

It doesn’t get any greener than the 10th hole at Glendowner

Johannesburg is a golfers’ paradise with more golf courses in one city than probably anywhere else in the world. Just within a 10km radius of Sandton there are 15 courses. Factor in year-round sunshine and highly competitive pricing and it’s no wonder this town has a major share of golfing fanatics. Just outside the city in the wider Gauteng region you will find plenty of golfing estates with challenging courses and stunning scenery, while the famous Sun City is just two hours drive away. Read more here….

Burleigh Golf Club

Win or lose your day will still end across the road at the beach in Burleigh

Burleigh Golf Club isn’t as famous as some of the other courses on the Gold Coast, and for the time being remains a hidden gem. Indeed, this 18-hole par-71 course of beautifully landscaped greens is one of the best we’ve played on. If you’re not ready for a full round then nine-holes can be played for half the usual rate, plus there’s driving nets and a practice fairway, putting green, chipping green and bunker. The clubhouse looks straight down the fairway and has a bar and full restaurant, making it a perfect retreat before or after a game, and for visitors who’d rather watch than play. Read more here….

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