Most Expensive Cities in Europe

Most expensive cities in europe

Is money no object? Travelling on an expense account? Even if those don’t apply to you, you can still discover some fab things to do in Europe’s most luxurious destinations.



Monaco is both a city and country on the French Riviera which is sovereign and independent. With a glamorous and luxurious Mediterranean coastline, Monaco is one of the top destinations for superyachts and beautiful boats. Visitors are also wowed by the luxe hotels, shops, restaurants, and casinos. Also, the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix, which takes place once every year, is a crowd puller. With regards to casinos, the Monte Carlo Casino is a grand location that has pulled the rich people to go to Monaco and play. The official language is French and the food is mainly French but there is also a heavy Italian culture present.


Oslo - one of the most expensive cities in Europe

The capital of Norway – the land of extreme wealth, Vikings, Karl Ove Knaussgard and all the other stereotypes that automatically get attached to Scandinavian countries – Oslo probably isn’t one of the first cities that come to mind when one thinks of Europe’s top tourist destinations. However, for our tastes this bustling city is one of the region’s and the continent’s most interesting urban centres to visit. While it is expensive (not as expensive as Iceland, but not far behind), travellers of all budgets can enjoy themselves in Oslo, although those who don’t have to constantly count their krone will likely have a better time of it.


Copenhagen - one of the most expensive cities in Europe

The capital city in the land of the happiest people in Europe, Copenhagen, has an exciting and rich history. It was probably found in the 10th century (possibly earlier), and at that time, it was a just a Viking village, all until five centuries later, in the early 15th century, when it finally became the capital. The name itself means ‘merchants’ (or chapman’s) harbor’ in the Old Norse, as it was an important stop in the old world. The city that even Hans Christian Andersen chose to be his home can’t disappoint, right? Along the numerous sights, you’ll have a chance to experience hygge, the way of life of the people who live here, and possibly the reason why they are the happiest in Europe, or maybe it’s the other way around, it’s classic chicken and egg dilemma, but hey, who cares about chronology when there’s life to enjoy? And that’s exactly what one should do in Copenhagen – enjoy.


Nice - one of the most expensive cities in Europe

The capital of the French Riviera has been a popular tourist destination since the Greeks ruled the Mediterranean, and for our money you won’t find a more attractive seaside city to explore than Nice. Long known as a magnet for both Europe’s aristocratic elite as well as some of the continent’s most storied artists, nowadays the former have largely decamped to more exclusive postal codes (such as the nearby St Tropez, Antibes or Monaco) and the latter have given way to new generations, leaving their works behind in the Musée d’Art Moderne, Musée Matisse and Musée Marc Chagall. What remains in the 21st century is all the charm and elegance of yesteryear, with none of the artificial trappings or pretension that necessarily adhere to popular resort destinations. In short, visitors to Nice get to visit a real city, inhabited by real people, and take advantage of the plethora of things to do, see, eat, drink and experience.


Moscow - one of the most expensive cities in Europe

Fast-paced Moskva is Russia’s political, historical and financial capital and a magnet for adventurous foreign business travellers, ambitious Russians from across the country, bright-eyed students from around the world and millions of migrant workers from the far flung corners of the former USSR. In all senses, Moscow is a melting-pot and its outstanding dining scene and vibrant nightlife reflects its cosmopolitan population. A city of contrasts, Moscow’s busy streets all bear witness to Russia’s turbulent history and dynamic future. From the medieval Kremlin and the magical golden domes of Moscow’s beautiful churches, to its tranquil parks, monumental Soviet architecture and modern skyscrapers, the city’s skyline tells a thousand stories. High culture courtesy of the theatres, jaw-dropping art exhibitions and an energetic live music scene continue to prove that Moscow is really on the cutting edge. Whether you are looking for medieval history, communist nostalgia or high-rolling glamour, Moscow has something for everyone.


Zurich - one of the most expensive cities in Europe

There are dozens of reasons to visit Zurich, a chance to do some luxury shopping is definitely one of them. Whether you’re a dedicated fashionista or just enjoy browsing, Zurich has all of the world’s most sought-after brands. Many of the best labels can be found on and around Bahnhofstrasse and Storchengasse, the Swiss equivalent of New York’s Fifth Avenue. Zurich has the reputation of a shopping city, even if not quite that of London or Milano. Especially Bahnhofstrasse is well known around the globe as one of the most exclusive and expensive shopping streets in the world. For Swiss and urban design, Europaallee and the area around Langstrasse are good spots – check out our special feature.


London - one of the most expensive cities in Europe

Does it get any more iconic? London is one of history’s great cities, a vastly influential beast that has helped shape the world in all manner of ways, a teeming mass of humanity that attracts more visitors than almost everywhere else on the planet. Its attractions are legendary, surpassed only by the men and women who made this place famous, a list that grows with every passing year. London is the very definition of a modern multi-cultural city, with every corner of the globe represented across its restaurants, cafes and bars, not to mention its museums and galleries, with more than 250 nationalities and over 300 languages represented on the streets of the British capital. London is that most charming of juxtapositions – a city that is whatever you want it to be while remaining resolutely ‘London’ all the while.

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