The Benefits of Car Shipping When Traveling Long Distances

Discover the benefits of car shipping for long distances. Save costs, manage time, protect your vehicle, and enjoy stress-free travel.

The Benefits of Car Shipping When Traveling Long Distances © Pexels, Thomas Zimbardo

Should you drive your car to its new home yourself? Time constraints and fuel costs might make this option less appealing. So, should you hire a reputable auto-shipping company instead? If you’re stuck with these questions, you’ve come to the right place!

Before you decide how to transport a vehicle to another state using car delivery services, you must understand what these professionals can do for you. 

In today’s guide, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of the benefits of shipping a car when traveling long distances. Without further ado, let’s unveil the details.

Cost Efficiency and Savings

In 2024, gasoline prices increased by approximately 2.2%. Given this rise in fuel costs, driving your car over long distances can become quite expensive. Besides fuel, additional expenses that can inflate your total shipping costs include:

  • Taxes and tolls.
  • Food, lodging, and accommodation.
  • Repairing or maintenance throughout the trip.

Consequently, if you plan to car ship across the country, a professional auto shipping service might be a more feasible option. These firms have experts who know how to move vehicles without breaking the bank.

Convenience and Time Management

One considerable advantage of car shipping when traveling long distances is the significant time savings. If you have a planned special tour or an important meeting, having your car available upon arrival is crucial. Driving the car yourself can be nearly impossible due to time constraints and the physical demands of long-distance driving.

In such scenarios, an auto moving company can be your best option. They offer unparalleled convenience and save time. Many companies provide door-to-door delivery or pickup services, making the process seamless and efficient.

Additionally, these professionals are well-versed in planning and executing timely deliveries. They know the most accessible and efficient routes, eliminating the challenge of planning and deciding which routes to take. This expertise ensures that your car arrives on schedule, allowing you to focus on your travel without worrying about moving the vehicle. 

The Benefits of Car Shipping When Traveling Long Distances © Pexels, Conojeghuo

Safety and Vehicle Protection

Long-distance travel can pose numerous vehicle risks, including accidents, adverse weather conditions, and road hazards. Despite taking all possible precautions, some risks might still be unavoidable when driving yourself. However, safety and protection are guaranteed when you entrust your vehicle to a professional car shipping company.

Here’s how an auto transportation firm safeguards your car during long travels:

Using Expert Solutions

Vehicle shipping companies employ experienced drivers and ground staff who are well-versed in handling cars before transit. Furthermore, these experts are trained in advanced driving techniques that help protect your vehicle from damage. They follow a comprehensive checklist to ensure every step of the shipping process is carefully executed.

Employing Specialized Equipment

In addition to having a skilled team, vehicle transportation companies also utilize spauto-movingquipment to ensure your car arrives safely at its destination. Cars are carefully loaded and secured onto carriers that provide a stable base while moving. 

Moreover, many shippers also offer enclosed shipping options for added protection, which is particularly beneficial for high-value or classic cars.

Providing In-Transit Insurance

When you ship a car to another state, it becomes susceptible to major risks such as accidents, theft, or vandalism. Personal auto insurance often does not cover damages from long-distance drives, leaving you at risk for out-of-pocket expenses. 

In contrast, reputable auto shippers provide insurance that covers your vehicle in transit. Accordingly, this coverage ensures peace of mind, as any potential damage incurred during shipping will be financially covered. 

The Benefits of Car Shipping When Traveling Long Distances © Pexels, Nordic Overdrive

Understanding of State Regulations for Car Shipping

With nearly 296 million vehicles on US roads, individually monitoring each one is almost impossible. Given the current mobility rate of Americans, which stands at 12.6%, regulatory personnel face challenges in verifying vehicle compliance with legal rules.

Therefore, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has established rules that must be followed before you ship car to another state. Nevertheless, understanding and adhering to these rules can be a hassle.

Fortunately, vehicle transportation companies are well-versed in these regulations and adept at managing compliance. When you enlist their services, they take care of all the necessary paperwork, allowing you to focus on other priorities when traveling.

Reduction in Environmental Impact

CO2 emissions from cars and vans have surged by over 30% since 2000. In recent years, the automotive industry has been actively seeking ways to minimize this environmental footprint. Fortunately, car shipping companies have been successful in reducing this impact by implementing various initiatives and technologies, including:

Utilizing Consolidated Vehicle Transport

Car moving companies reduce their carbon footprint by consolidating multiple vehicles onto special carriers. While open carriers are commonly used for this purpose, enclosed carriers are also available to accommodate numerous vehicles. Emissions using this approach are remarkably lower compared to driving an individual car to the destination. 

Planning Efficient Routes

Vehicle delivery companies excel in identifying the most accessible and convenient routes. This expertise saves them time, minimizes fuel consumption, and reduces carbon emissions.

Employing Renewable Fuels

Car delivery companies are increasingly adopting renewable fuels as part of their commitment to reducing ecological impact. By utilizing cleaner-burning alternativesa like biodiesel or ethanol blends, they strive to minimize emissions during vehicle shipping operations.

The Benefits of Car Shipping When Traveling Long Distances © Pixabay

Travel Convenience and Avoiding Long Drives

Driving long distances can be both physically and mentally exhausting. Imagine navigating unfamiliar roads, dealing with relentless traffic, and fighting off driving fatigue. Sounds alarming, right? 

By choosing car shipping, you can avoid the strain of a long road trip. Instead, you can travel by plane or train, arriving at your destination refreshed and ready to explore the location.

Exploring New Locations

Another advantage of car shipping is the opportunity to explore new locations. Instead of spending long hours behind the wheel, you can use this time to visit new places or enjoy scenic routes. Due to this added flexibility, you can turn your relocation into an exciting adventure, allowing you to make lasting memories.

Additionally, traveling without the burden of driving lets you focus on other activities, such as preparing for a new city or relaxing before settling into your new home. By shipping your car, you can take a more leisurely approach to your moving, maximizing productivity. 

Stress-Free Travel Experience

Have you gathered all the necessary legal documents for your vehicle? Planned the safest and most convenient route? Have you checked your insurance policy? Completed a thorough maintenance check? These are just a few of the boxes you need to tick before embarking on a long-distance drive. 

Keeping up with these formalities can be exhausting, often leaving you too drained to enjoy your arrival. However, when you opt for car ship services, there’s no need to stress these details. 

The auto shipping company handles everything, from legalities to ensuring your car’s safe transit. This way, you can arrive at your destination relaxed and ready to tackle your next adventure without stressing about your car or wasting valuable time.

How to Get Auto Shipping Quotes and Determine How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car?

The total cost to ship a car to another state depends on several key factors, including distance, type of vehicle, and shipping method. Let’s delve further into how each of these factors can impact auto-shipping quotes:

  • Distance: The farther the distance, the higher the shipping cost is likely to be. In contrast, long-distance shipments require more fuel and time, contributing to increased expenses.
  • Type of Vehicle: The size, weight, and value of the vehicle can also greatly affect auto shipping quotes. For example, larger or heavier vehicles may require specialized carriers, which can be more expensive. Likewise, a rare classic car may often incur higher insurance, which would then add up to the final transportation cost.
  • Shipping Method: Your car shipping quote can vary based on your selected shipping method. Opting for open transport may result in a slightly lower cost, but it exposes your vehicle to external hazards. On the other hand, enclosed shipping typically costs more but provides enhanced protection for your car throughout the journey.

Move Your Vehicle Safely with Nexus Auto Transportation!

Whether relocating for work or purchasing a vehicle remotely, car shipping offers a worry-free alternative to driving yourself. By employing the services of auto moving companies, you not only save time and money but also ensure the integrity of your vehicle.

Nexus Auto Transport is a reputable car shipping company that delivers all the benefits mentioned aboIt. We prioritize our customers and provide premium services to safeguard their vehicles as they plan their journeys.

Curious about how much it costs to ship a car. Contact us today for a quote, or visit our website to learn more about the comprehensive services we offer.

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