TOP 10 European Cities to visit in September 2019

Was your Summer 2019 busy and you did not quite get the chance to relax and travel? We wouldn’t get too worried because the truth is that September is actually a much better option for a quality getaway because it’s often less crowded and most important – it is cheaper than “summery” prices. Enjoy some peace and quiet before the craziness begins again.

These cities are the best destinations to visit in September, whether you’re looking for an adventure, a staycation or just for a European mini-break.

1. Andorra la Vella, Andorra
Pocket-sized Andorra is the 16th smallest country in the world, consisting of around 460 square kilometres of land and having no more than 77,000 citizens.

2. Bled, Slovenia
As picturesque as a destination can be, Bled is one of the most striking Alpine resorts going and offers something for all manner of visitors, be they old, young, those in search of the activity or in need of relaxation. It truly is the dictionary definition of serenity.

3. Bratislava, Slovakia
The medieval old town is one of the most delightfully laid out in Europe, and the rich architectural history of the city more than holds it won in a region full of magnificence. Bratislava has been the capital of Slovakia since 1993, but only now does it truly feel like the city is becoming comfortable in its own skin. So yes, it is a crossroads, and yes, it is fantastic.

4. Moscow, Russia
A city of contrasts, Moscow’s busy streets all bear witness to Russia’s turbulent history and dynamic future. From the medieval Kremlin and the magical golden domes of Moscow’s beautiful churches to its tranquil parks, monumental Soviet architecture and modern skyscrapers, the city’s skyline tells a thousand stories.

5. Debrecen, Hungary
There are few cities like Debrecen. Hungary’s second largest city, Debrecen holds a special place in this most patriotic nation’s heart, as much for its tangible memories as its intangible ones. It was here that Hungary’s independence was declared back in 1848, and the city known as the Calvinist Rome has been the nation’s capital on a number of occasions.

6. Barcelona, Spain
The climate of the city, the food, the atmosphere (especially out of the main tourist nexus), the culture and even those crazy buildings, sculptures and massive unfinished church conceived of by one Antoni Gaudí i Cornet are all perfectly excellent reasons to book that flight, reserve that hotel room and plunge into the tourist fray.

7. Birmingham, UK
Birmingham has experienced something of a revival in recent times, and some of the UK’s most fascinating architectural gems are now found in beautiful Brummagem. But for all the talk of regeneration and hard work, it is easy to forget just how gorgeous this city is. This is a place with more miles of canal than Venice, more secret bars than you could possibly believe, and more soul than a soul convention.

8. Kosice, Slovakia
There’s something special about this place. The second-largest city in Slovakia, Kosice has a remarkable way of working its way into your heart and setting up shop, your new favorite city just waiting to be discovered. Maybe it is the sweeping nature of the city’s Gothic architecture, or the grandeur of the country’s biggest square, or maybe even the energy of Slovakia’s best nightlife.

9. Monaco
Monaco is both a city and country on the French Riviera which is sovereign and independent. With a glamorous and luxurious Mediterranean coastline, Monaco is one of the top destinations for superyachts and beautiful boats. Visitors are also wowed by the luxe hotels, shops, restaurants, and casinos.

10. Copenhagen, Denmark
The capital city in the land of the happiest people in Europe, Copenhagen, has an exciting and rich history. The city that even Hans Christian Andersen chose to be his home can’t disappoint, right? Along the numerous sights, you’ll have a chance to experience hygge, the way of life of the people who live here, and possibly the reason why they are the happiest in Europe.

Travel safe and don’t forget to use In Your Pocket City Guides wherever you go.

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