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Top Six Must-Visit Sports Stadiums Across the US

Must-Visit Stadiums and Arenas in the US - Madison Square Garden © Andrew Scozzari / Pixabay

North America has some of the most iconic sports stadiums worldwide, many of which were part of significant historical moments. Stadiums are equivalent to museums, but nothing beats the feeling of sitting in a packed stadium cheering for your favourite team.

Today we look at some of the most loved stadiums and arenas around the US and what makes them unique. Let’s kick it off in the Big Apple.

1. Madison Square Garden, New York City

The Madison Square Garden has seen the most epic concerts and boxing fights. Initially built in 1879, it has undergone reconstructions over the years. It has been home to generations of the New York Knicks, New York Rangers and WNBA. In size, it is a little smaller than most as it houses 20 000 fans…

Of course, the jumbotron is quite the centrepiece apart from the ongoing game. Over the years the courtside has become synonymous with celebrity spotting, just like basketball, football and hockey have become legendary in sports betting in the US. If you are in New York, grab a Knicks ticket and prepare to have a great night.

2. Staples Centre, Los Angeles

New York has the MSG, and LA has the staples centre. No matter when you visit Los Angeles, the Staples Centre* will never be a disappointment. This magnificent arena has sports and musical events all year round. It hosts WNBA champions, the LA Sparks. It is also home to the LA Lakers, Clippers and the LA Kings.

*And yes, we know that the venue now officially has a new name, but it will always be the Staples Centre to US (and seemingly most LA sports fans)

3. Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Must-visit stadiums and arenas in the US – Michigan Stadium © Alex Mertz / Unsplash

Nicknamed The Big House, this stadium was built in 1927 for a then staggering price of nearly $1 million, with an original capacity of 72,000. Over the years, the stadium has been reconstructed and now has a capacity of over 112,000. The stadium reached its capacity for the game against their fierce rivals – Ohio State Buckeyes.

4. Fenway Park, Boston

Must-visit stadiums and arenas in the US – Fenway Park © Clark van der Beken / Unsplash

Avid baseball fans around the world know precisely what Fenway Park stands for. This park has history, nostalgia and everything baseball. Its history dates way back to the times of Lewis Clark Jr, and the track is a National Historic Landmark.

In 2000, the park owners wanted to replace Fenway, but various groups lobbied against the move. The RedSox have won 8 series tournaments at this park; its most unique feature is the green monster, a 40 ft high wall in the left field.

5. LSU Tiger Stadium, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Must-visit stadiums and arenas in the US – LSU Tigers Stadium © Jessica Tan / Unsplash

Titled one of the grandest college football stadiums, the stadium has 102,000 capacity. It was built in 1924 and has been home to the Louisiana State University Tigers football team since then. It is the sixth-largest stadium in the US and the eighth largest in the world.

6. Yankee Stadium, New York City

Must-visit stadiums and arenas in the US – Yankee Stadium © Chanan Greenblatt / Unsplash

We round off the list back in New York with one of the oldest stadiums, aptly named “The House that Ruth built” it is one of the most incredible sporting venues in the US. The old Yankee Stadium that housed baseball legends like Ted Williams, Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio was demolished in 2009. It was not just the home of baseball but hosted football games and other sporting events.

The new Yankee Stadium has a more modern feel incorporating memorabilia from the old stadium. If you didn’t get a chance to see the old one, you can still get a sense of what it was like.

Final Thoughts

Americans are known for their love of the sport. Baseball, Basketball and Football are the top three sports in American sports. This is evident in the stadiums and arenas they have, from University ones to the multi-purpose kind. The hype around the Super Bowl supersedes elections in some countries, and the revenue generation around sports events shows how invested the country is in its sports.

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