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What Are We Working On?

Yep, we are currently resurrecting what is very much an old favourite of ours here at In Your Pocket. Believe it or not, but Kaliningrad was actually one of the first IYP guides ever to be published: the team in Vilnius put together a bilingual, German/English guide to the Russian exclave as long ago as 1995. This time, we will be publishing in Russian and English, and a first print issue of the all-new Kaliningrad guide is currently being put together by our team, which is these days actually based in the city.

With much of the content already written, the online edition is pretty much ready to go: you can take a look here (English) and here (Russian).

If you are interested in becoming one of the first people to see the print guide, drop us a line to this email address and we will let you know when a PDF version is available for free download.

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