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What Is The Best Season to Visit Poland?

There's no bad time of year to Poland! © Krystianwin/ Pixabay

Whether you’re planning your holidays for 2022 or just thinking of dream holiday destinations it makes sense to visit at a time that suits you. When it comes to travel we all want something different from our time away from home, so what is the best season to visit Poland for one person might not be for another.

The best advice is to consider what you want to do while you are on holiday so that you can make sure you visit while the weather is likely to be on your side or even while the event you are interested in visiting takes place.

Visiting Poland

Poland isn’t always a holiday destination that first comes to mind when people consider places they could visit for a good time, but the truth is that the country has plenty to offer. Nice food and drink, beautiful scenery, plenty of history and its fair share of parties too.

This is great news for anyone that wants to explore this part of Europe because it means that whatever they want out of their travels, they’ll be able to find something to suit.

Things To Do Before You Go

Whether you’re visiting Poland or elsewhere in the world, it stands to reason that you are going to want to be as organised as possible for your trip. Although it can seem like a romantic gesture to simply grab your passport and go, how do you know what will be on while you are there & what if you run out of spending money?

One of the things you should do is do some research so you can find the best option when looking for how to send money to Poland – this means that you have peace of mind that if a family member does need to send you money whilst you are travelling you have everything in place.

It is also worth looking up travel options to ensure you get the best value for money from things like flights, travel insurance and of course, a little look at what you can do while you are there – and what the weather is going to be like when you are booked to visit!

Places To See in Poland


Międzyzdroje is a great resort that has a happening feel. It’s a popular place during the summer often called the Pearl of the Baltic it offers a great beach with clean white sands and seas that are warm and inviting. Be sure to visit the substantial pier and wander along the promenades. Offering an alternative healing opportunity in its famous mud baths the town has much to offer too with a museum and excitement at Międzyzdroje to keep a family entertained.


Sopot offers more than just a beach. Pick your time to travel there to coincide with the festival season for the best all-around experiences Sopot has to offer. Its beaches are the reason most people will visit they are popular with sports players as much as they are with sun-seekers alike. A great place to explore during the day, the city offers a vibrant nightlife to party the night away.


Ustka has two fantastic beaches on offer, each uniquely different and separated by the harbour, a pedestrian bridge provides a link between them. A quieter destination, Ustka is a great place to relax and unwind. The town has a gentle feel with some beautiful street sculptures


Leba is situated on Poland’s Baltic coast, a vibrant place with theme parks and entertainment in abundance. Offering forest walks as well as its golden beaches, Leba is a hidden gem in Poland’s offering of wonderful beach locations. Leba isn’t overcrowded and has a relaxed style. Lose a few hours at a beach bar and enjoy the views and ambience Leba has to offer.

Cultural Experiences

New Year’s Eve

Poland loves celebrating the bringing in of the New Year. The most popular open-air New Year’s Eve party is held in the RynekGlowny arena in Krakow. Though the traditional fireworks have been replaced by laser and drone light shows, this hasn’t dampened Krakow’s ability to throw a fantastic party.

Zielona Gora Festival of Wine

The Festival of Wine in Zielona Gora is a traditional festival dating back to 1852. The festival coinciding with the grape harvest is held in early September with a vibrant array of street theatre, live music and amazing foods. The festival starts with the parade and evolves over its 9-day duration providing a unique cultural experience as it does so.

Saint Dominic’s Fair

Saint Dominic’s Fair is a large cultural festival in Poland that can date its history back to 1260AD. Held in early August the Fair blends traditional theatre and music with market stalls selling all manner of things. Offering street foods and a uniquely Polish experience the fair is well worth visiting.

Baltic Days Of Jewish Culture

The Baltic Days of Jewish Culture Festival has been held annually in Gdansk since 1999. The festival promotes Hebrew arts including poetry, literature and music. Held over 2 days at the beginning of June, the festival offers a vivid insight into Jewish Culture.

Travelling in Poland

As the 17th largest country in the world, Poland is big enough to combine a beach and cultural holiday in one. The beaches are best experienced in the summer months, which is also the season that most festivals and cultural events are held. Use this to your advantage and plan your perfect holiday in Poland.

Travelling between destinations within Poland is well catered for by its national rail network which provides fast rail connections between its major cities, Gdansk, Krakow and Warsaw. As for when the best time to visit Poland is – there is no definite answer. If you want to visit Międzyzdroje then you might want different weather than someone who is booking a city break so research before you go and make sure that the weather matches what you need and of course, that the event you want to visit is happening while you are there.

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