What Watersports Should You Try This Summer?

Dive into the summer fun with water sports from kayaking to paddleboarding. This blog explores which water sports you should try this summer.

What watersports should you try this summer? How about some Kayaking in Costa Rica! © Nabit Photos, Unsplash

Watersports are fun activities to partake in during the summer period. Central America offers a variety of opportunities for water sports in the summertime, With coastlines along both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Central America is a fantastic destination for water lovers to dive right in and enjoy sports in the water. 

There are a multitude of types of water sports, catering to a wide range of interests, skill levels and preferences – from a Wakeboard Vacation in Costa Rica to a rafting experience in Guatamala. So, which watersports should you try this summer? 


Going kayaking this summer will send you on a small paddle boat through the waters. Kayaks are typically narrow and have a covered deck with a small opening for the paddler to sit in. If you’re considering renting a boat, search ‘boat rental’ in Google or any other search engine, and see what comes up. If it is a smaller option you are looking for, try searching ‘kayaking’ – you will be amazed at how many options there are available.

While kayaking is generally considered easy to get started with, it’s essential to always prioritise safety.

When kayaking, you will be able to go at your own speed and take breaks to enjoy the wildlife and beautiful scenery. So whether you’re gliding along a calm lake, navigating through gentle river currents, or tackling challenging whitewater rapids, kayaking offers the chance for adventure and relaxation this summer. 


Going rafting this summer will bring you an adrenaline-packed adventure, as you travel through turbulent waters. Rafting is an exhilarating water sport that involves navigating the water in an inflatable raft. The rush of conquering rapids can be extremely rewarding for water-adventure seekers. Rafting can vary in difficulty depending on the water conditions. 

Rafting isn’t just about adrenaline because it is also a test of teamwork and communication. Bear in mind that coordination and cooperation are essential for a successful and safe rafting experience.


Paddleboarding is a water sport which involves the user standing upright on a large (surf) board and propelling the board through the water using a long oar. The paddleboard itself is similar to a surfboard but they usually tend to be wider and more stable to offer better balance for standing on. 

Paddleboarding can be relatively easy to learn for most people, especially in calm waters. Balancing on the board and propelling yourself through the water provides an excellent low-impact workout. Many water lovers have found that paddleboarding is an enjoyable water sport because it combines elements of balance, strength and tranquility. 

Try Water Sports This Summer

Summer, especially in Central America, brings warm temperatures, making it the perfect time to cool off in the water. Trying out new water sports activities allows you to escape the heat and enjoy refreshing waters. 

From team-building skills to adrenaline releases, there are various reasons to dive head-first into new water sports activities this summer. 

Engaging in water sports provides an excellent way to stay active and fit, as well as allowing you to try something new and exciting. On top of this, being on the water can have a calming effect, promoting relaxation and reducing stress levels. 

So, why not make some memories in the sun this summer by exploring the waters? 

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