Having a stag party in Slovenia

In the last few years the tourism in Slovenia has developed a lot, which reflects in more frequent inquiries from foreign tourists. Especially in the last two years the number of groups that come with only one purpose in mind – to celebrate a stag party – has increased exponentially. The summer months are the most saturated with foreign and home stag groups, which are usually seen in the city centre, wearing the same uniforms and taking part in different, entertaining activities.

What are the most popular and interesting activities for such groups in Slovenia, aside from those that take place in Ljubljana?

Cave kayaking
Kayaking through an abandoned mine, which leads to a beautiful underground lake.

White Water Rafting
Travelling through the wilderness of untouched nature that you can observe while paddling the rapids of the most beautiful Slovenian rivers.

Moving along on the river gorges, jumping down small waterfalls, and ending up in beautiful pools.

A mixture of water skiing, surfing and snowboarding, with a rush of adrenaline.

A breathtaking ride by wire through Učja canyon, giving views which are otherwise known only by the birds. You can see the Beautiful Bovec Green River Valley, cliffs, canyons, a view of the highest mountain, Triglav, a experience for everyone

Bled Experience
A visit to Bled is also an unforgettable experience, as this is one of the most beautiful alpine resorts, surrounded by picturesque mountains. From Bled Castle one can see majestic mountains arranged around a small island with a church, which sits in the middle of the lake.

Slovenia’s smallness is also its strength, because it enables transitions from mountains to the sea in less than two hours. Most people find this feature very fascinating, because they rarely have the opportunity to first slide along the natural slides of a river canyon, and soon after be racing down wire over one of the most beautiful valleys in the country.

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