Ljubljana #6 in the top 10 cities on In Your Pocket

Provisional figures from the Slovenian Tourist Board show that tourist arrivals were up by more than 10% in 2016, with the numbers for both domestic and foreign tourists showing strong growth over the year. This trend is predicted to continue in 2017, as the country and its many attractions become better known and more confident on the international scene, a development strongly supported by this blog and its published guides.

In this context, it’s also notable that Ljubljana’s small size has not stopped it from being among the top 10 cities searched for on In Your Pocket’s global website for 2016. The city comes in at number 6 out of around 200, following only Krakow, Prague, Warsaw, Johannesburg, and Bucharest, with the top 10 rounded out by Gdansk, Riga, Zurich, and Wroclaw. This high ranking is an indication not only of the growing popularity of Ljubljana as a tourist destination, but the importance of its In Your Pocket site to visitors, which is among the very few online resources available when they plan their trips and days out.

As such, we start 2017 with the hope for a prosperous and healthy new year for the city, its people, visitors and businesses, and that by working together we can continue to make Ljubljana a fine place to live.