10 Things You Can See and Do on Rhodes

The cobbled streets of Rhodes' old town © Andrew Vvedenskij / Unsplash

If you’re thinking about visiting Greece in the summer, then you should consider visiting Rhodes. It’s the fourth largest island in Greece, and it has one of the most extensive hotel selections in Greece, which means that it’s an island for all budgets. It combines history with a beautiful landscape, and the old town takes you to the knight’s era. The nightlife is fantastic, and it’s sure that everyone can find something to enjoy.

#1 Casino of Rhodes

A short distance from the port and the city of Rhodes is the Casino of Rhodes, the first casino ever built in Greece. Although, officially Rhodes was then under Italian rule, its casino is still considered by everyone to be the first such venture in Greece. It was, for many years, the dream of the Italian governor of the Dodecanese. He saw the construction of a single hotel and casino complex as a great way to stimulate the local economy both through casino revenues (in the form of taxation) and through tourists that this would attract.

Named Grande Albergo delle Rose, the hotel honours the Italian inspiration of its creators and the fact that it’s surrounded by a beautiful garden full of roses that have been the hallmark of the complex for many years. 

The beach in Lindos © Dimitris Kiriakakis / Unsplash

#2 Medieval Old Town

The history of the old city is amazing. Then Knights built the city and lived there for decades until they had to surrender to the Ottomans. It’s very well preserved, and you can see people still living in some of the older section inside the big original walls. Restaurants, shops, museums, and churches are waiting for you to explore and travel your imagination. In 1988 it was declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO. 

#3 Lindos

Lindos is on the other side of the island. It has an Aegean village atmosphere as it is full of white houses with blue doors and the wonderful bougainvillea that completes the beautiful village. The Acropolis of Lindos is one of the most ancient Acropolises in Greece, all waiting for you to discover at the top of the village. You must definitely take a picture of the view from the top.

© Bernardo Ferrari / Unsplash

#4 Butterfly Valley

Only 25 km from the city of Rhodes, there is a small valley that stretches along the Pelican torrent and is full of streams, pines, trees, fig-trees, colourful flowers, and thousands of butterflies! The slope of the ground along the ravine in the valley area is intense, and in many places, small waterfalls are created. The valley, which is located below the Monastery of Kalopetra, is crossed by the river Pelekanos. 

The butterflies that come from June 15 to mate and leave on September 30 find shelter in the valley, as the storax plant attracts them. Visitors can see them on tree trunks and rocks in beautiful formations. Millions of colourful butterflies gather in the valley during this period, and even rare species, such as Panaxia Quadri-punctaria. Most are nocturnal, so it is strictly forbidden for visitors to make noise during the day. There are also public service facilities on site, including refreshments, restaurants, information kiosks and a museum.

#5 Seven Springs

Thirty kilometers from the city of Rhodes and seven kilometers from the village of Afandou are the Seven Springs, a place of unique natural beauty. It is an oasis of coolness during the summer months, visited by thousands of visitors. On your walk, you will see ducks, peacocks, and the Rhodesian skewer. From seven different points, the water forms a river, which passes through a tunnel and ends at the lake. At the end of the lake, there is a dam and an impressive waterfall. There is a snack bar in the area to enjoy your coffee or your food. While wandering in the area, visitors are particularly impressed by the fact that they can follow the water in the underground pipe and reach the lake.

© La Khai Way / Unsplash

#6 Archaeological Museum of Rhodes

The Hospital of the Knights, which began to be built in 1440 and was completed 49 years after the Grand Master de Aubusson, is the ideal accommodation for the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes. The building includes an inner courtyard framed by a two-story gallery, in which the rooms and warehouses of the museum open. You can find things from different eras and also mosaic floors from other nearby islands like Karpathos and Kos.

#7 Βeaches

Of course, we couldn’t miss the beaches from our list. There are dozens with crystal water, but we suggest the top five:

Elli: Ιt has been described as one of the best beaches in the Mediterranean and welcomes many visitors every year. 

Afandou: Afandou beach has a more family profile.

Ladiko: In the Ladiko area, you will find one of the most picturesque beaches on the island.

Anthony Quinn: After the movie “The Cannons of Navarone,” Anthony Quinn loved it so much that the Greeks named it after him. It’s ideal for scuba diving.

Faliraki: Where most of the hotels are built and the nightlife of your dreams, you’ll find the four-kilometer long Faliraki beach.

One of the many beaches on Rhodes © Antonio Magri / Unsplash

#8 Rodini Park

Rodini is the same age as the city of Rhodes, which is about 2,400 years old. Its history begins with Dorias in 411 BC. Where convincing the Rhodians to establish a new city-state, he brings with him the town planner of the Hippodameian school to choose its exact location. Now it’s a beautiful place with trees and running waters ideal for a summer walk.

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