7 Fantastic Summer Destinations in Greece

Lefkada is definitely a fantastic summer destination in Greece! © Nikos Zacharoulis / Unsplash

Greece has so many beautiful islands that you may not know which one to choose. The following seven summer destinations, in addition to their natural beauty reminiscent of paradise, will give you beautiful memories and a relaxed and calm vacation. Which is everything that’s necessary for you who can no longer stand the crowds and the noise.

1. Astypalea

The beautiful island of Astypalea is waiting for you to admire its wonderful natural beauty. It is located between the Dodecanese and the Cyclades and can be reached by boat or by plane from Athens. There are many accommodations where you can stay, but you must make your reservation in time because usually, the occupancy is high. You will find fantastic beaches on the island that you can go to either by car or by boat. The most famous beaches that you should definitely visit are Livadi, Blue Limanaki, Tzanaki, and Koutsomyti beach. In addition to beaches, there are various archeological sites to visit. As it is a small island, it doesn’t have the places you’d find in bigger ones like a casino where you can play slots, prominent museums, and many hotels to choose from, but you will surely find peace.

2. Samothrace

Samothraceis an island that appeals to nature lovers and those who prefer alternative holidays. There are few hotels and hostels, which means there’s an opportunity to go camping. Steep mountains and rich fauna and flora compose the perfect setting. To reach Samothrace, you must take the boat from the city of Alexandroupolis. The island has mainly pebble beaches that enchant their visitors, such as the beach of Kipi and Pachia Ammos, the only sandy beach. Of course, in Samothrace, what is worth most of all is the opportunity to explore. Waterfalls, natural pools, and springs are just some of the wonders of nature that you will see going to Samothrace. Do not forget to visit the highest waterfall, Klidosi, 35 meters high.

Sunset on Serifos © Christos Berdesis / Unsplash

3. Serifos

Serifos island, which belongs to the Cyclades, is one of those places where you’ll discover something new each visit. If you want to get to the island, you have to take the boat from Piraeus, while in the summer months the island is connected by ferry and other islands. The wonderful blue waters of the island will enchant you. The beaches of Koutalas, Vagia, Kalo Ambeli, and Sykamia are just a small sample of the countless beaches of the island. Apart from the beaches, it’s worth visiting the mining museum, the monastery of Taxiarches, and the throne of the Cyclops that offers a stunning view.

4. Karpathos

An island located between Rhodes and Crete and can be characterized as an earthly paradise. It has its own airport, while you can reach the island with the ferry line that connects Karpathos with Piraeus. Emerald beaches that are ranked at the top of the Mediterranean, such as Apella, Agata, Lefkos, and Kyra-Panagia, are some of the ones you should visit when you are in Karpathos. Also, it is worth visiting the 18 early Christian royal churches of the island and the traditional settlement of the island, Olympus.

One of many idyllic beaches you can find on Lefkada © Sophie Dale / Unsplash

5. Anafi

Anafi, one of the southernmost islands of the Cyclades connected with Piraeus, Santorini, and Rhodes, is one of the most beautiful Greek islands. On the island, you can go hiking, or if you want alternative holidays, you can camp. The most famous beaches of the island are Kleisidi, Roukounas, Agioi Anargyroi, and Monastiri. It is a must for those who love the tranquility offered by the sea, while on many beaches nudism is accepted. It’s not possible to leave the island without visiting Mount Kalamos, which causes awe to the visitor with the spectacle it offers.

6. Paxoi

Paxoi is a magical combination of blue water and white sand. It is rightly characterised by many as an island paradise. You can reach the island either from the port of Igoumenitsa or through the airport of Corfu. When you are in Paxoi, you should definitely visit Orkos beach. Of course, you can go to Antipaxos and go to the beaches of Vrika and Voutoumi. In the afternoon, enjoy the sunset on the off-white rock of Erimitis and then drink your local wine.

A seaside village on Nisyros © Nicolas Lysandrou / Unsplash

7. Lefkada

Lefkada is the island of poets and is also called the emerald island. It is connected to the mainland, so one can travel by car without the cost of ferry. The beaches on this island have been ranked as the top beaches of the world over and over, and as it happens, you can enjoy them with a low budget since the accommodation options are many and economical. The island perfectly combines the enchanting beaches with a rich green landscape. Ionian cuisine is fantastic, and local Lefkada has many special products and sweets to enjoy. Lefkada is a paradise destination for summer holidays and water sports!

8. Nisyros

Nisyros is a hidden treasure in the Dodecanese for anyone who discovers it. Although, it’s about 13 hours away from the port of Piraeus, the ferries are cheap, and you do not need a lot of money for accommodation. The island is a volcano, and so it has rich vegetation and impressive craters that you can visit. The island has a soft breeze coming in off the Aegean Sea, with traditional villages, squares, and cafes! There you will enjoy your swim on beautiful beaches. Hochlakoi beach has large smooth pebbles that will impress you and are located near Chora.

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