4 Places to Visit in Poland and Wines to Drink

4 Places to Visit in Poland And Wines to Drink © John Murzaku / Unsplash

Poland is a country with a vast history, and it is a symbol of excellent art and beautiful tourist places. There are many wonderful places to visit, cities to enjoy, museums and art galleries to go to and relax.

And while on vacation in some of these cities, it is nice to provide yourself with total relaxation while enjoying a sip or two from some of the best wines you can purchase.

That is why here we will see four Polish places that are incredible to visit and which wines pair with the atmosphere while you are there. So let’s not waste any more time and get into it right away.

Sopot: Seaside Resort City and White Wine

Sopot is a seaside resort town and a great spot for white wine! © © Katarzyna Grabowska / Unsplash

Sopot is not known as an extremely hot temperature city, but if you visit during the summertime, the temperature is definitely higher. So, white wine would be a perfect choice while enjoying their lovely seafood. The beaches are long and considered some of the best in Europe, and this place was once enjoyed even by kings and kaisers.

And if you are asking yourself where to buy fine wine in Poland, don’t worry, there are places both offline and online where you can get the perfect wine for each occasion. Maybe the better question you should be asking is what wine to enjoy while on the beaches in Sopot. Here’s an idea: Livon Sauvignon Blanc 2020 – a hint of exotic fruits and melon that are pleasantly generous on the palate.

Poland may be full of beautiful art and culture, but sometimes we all just need to relax on the beach with a glass of excellent wine. The Livon winery was founded by Dorino Livon in 1964, and this wine comes from the Friuli region in Italy. It has aromas such as fresh-cut grass, herbaceous notes, and green apple that will help you completely relax while enjoying the sunset views of Sopot. This incredible wine pairs really well with shellfish and lean fish, but you can also have a tasty meal with pasta, cured meat, and hard and mature cheese.

Enjoy the Red Wines in Krakow

Wine is more a winter tradition in Krakow, but don’t let that stop you from imbibing, regardless of when you visit © Lucas Albuquerque / Unsplash

Krakow is a city you definitely have to visit, especially if you are going to Poland for the first time in your life. Cobblestone streets, ancient churches, impressive royal palaces, and many more delights make Krakow one of the most beautiful cities not only in Europe but also in the entire world. There aren’t many cities that have such a long and impressive history.

Even though it does not have to be cold all the time, still, Poland is known for its cold weather, and Krakow is a place where it can get pretty cold, especially if you are visiting during the winter season. Therefore, your choice should most certainly be a bottle of red wine. The lovely Château Le Gay Manoir De Gay 2018 comes from the famous French wine region called Bordeaux, and it is a perfect blend of 90% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Franc.

This winery is one of the rising stars in Europe, and their red wine will fit perfectly with the Krakow delights. The smooth tannins and dark fruit notes will take your breath away and help you relax even more.

Warsaw with Anything You Want

Warsaw by night © Kamil Gliwinski / Unsplash

The capital and also the largest city of Poland, Warsaw, is another destination that you should most certainly visit. It is impressive how a city that had 85% of its buildings ruined by the Nazis today looks so beautiful. If you ask yourself what this fantastic city can provide you with, you can enjoy the city’s stunning architecture, views, museums, palaces, etc. Warsaw is also one of the best party cities in all of Europe.

As for adding some extra relaxation with some beautiful wine, any type suits in such a large city that provides a mix of everything. If you want something different and unique, you can try the Jean-Luc Colombo La Dame du Rouet Rosé 2019, a beautiful wine that comes directly from the famous Provence region in France. It has a beautiful blend of three different grapes, Cinsaut, Syrah, and Grenache. You will feel some delicious cherries, ripe redcurrants, and hints of Mediterranean herbs like oregano and thyme. This impressive wine pairs well with grilled fish and sushi.

Tatra Mountains: Sparkle The Excitement With Champagne

After a long day of hiking in the Tatra Mountains, you deserve a glass or six of Champagne © Cezary Kukowka / Unsplash

Last but not least, you should visit the beautiful nature of the Tatra Mountains and the National Park that amazingly forms a natural border between Poland and Slovakia. And even though most of the mountains are part of Slovakia, it doesn’t matter since you can actually use this as an advantage, because as you know, there are no borders between the EU countries.

You can enjoy the Polish side of the park that has more than 270 kilometers of hiking trails, climb Rysy mountain as the highest Tatras peak with 2,500 meters, and visit some of the 600 caves. And after you enjoy all the ‘’sports events’’ and you relax in the arms of mother nature, you can sparkle the excitement by sharing a bottle or two of Champagne with your friends.

The Italian Prosecco varietal Ruggeri Superiore di Cartizze Brut would be an attractive choice, coming from the fantastic Veneto region. This sparkling wine is made from Glera grapes, and it is interesting that in order to have the best possible quality, the grapes are harvested by hand and then transported carefully in small crates to the winery. This winery is one of the five original Prosecco producers, so it is not a surprise that their wine is exceptionally good.

Final Words

Here you have four beautiful cities and places you should most certainly visit when going to Poland, and the wines that can help you enjoy the experience even more. All these different types of wines are made by some of the top-rated wine estates in the world and by people that have years and years of experience in the wine world.

So, don’t waste any more time and visit these places as soon as possible and enjoy some of the best wines today. Spring is coming, so now is the perfect time to plan ahead and get excited about travelling.

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