5 Exciting Things to Do on Your Trip to Tennessee

5 Exciting Things to Do on Your Trip to Tennessee © Keith Hardin / Pixabay

Tennessee is a land of breathtaking and awe-inspiring diversity. There’s much to experience, explore and behold, depending on the musings of your inner travelers. Nature lovers can explore the scenic expanse of the Great Smokies, reveling in outdoor adventures and scenic routes. History buffs can visit museums and explore trails unraveling Appalachian mysteries and Native American cultures.

Country music is Tennessee’s most popular tradition, and you can catch live shows or head over to quaint little pubs. Food lovers would undoubtedly want to stop at Nashville to bite into buffalo-style hot wings and the legendary fried chicken.

We’ve prepared an action-packed roundup of exciting things to experience on your trip to Tennessee. 

Here, take a look:

Adventuring in the Smoky Mountains

Tucked at the eastern tip of Tennessee’s border with North Carolina, the Great Smokies are a treasure trove of natural beauty. Adventure lovers flock to the national park to venture deep into the wild and explore nature at its finest. The park offers the best of the Great Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains, combining the breathtaking beauty of overlapping terrains.

The park is brimming with rare wildlife sightings, cascading waterfalls, geological splendors, and well-preserved historical structures. It is home to hundreds of nature trails that wind deep into the forest, winding through cascading waterfalls and wildflower meadows. Thrill-seekers should consider covering the enchanting section of the legendary Appalachian Trail that falls through the middle of the park.

The Alum Cave Trail is another popular choice for adventure lovers. The park, sprawling over 522,000 acres of verdant beauty and picturesque waterfalls, will leave you spoilt for choice. The region is famous for water sports, and we strongly recommend white water rafting Smoky Mountains for an unforgettable adventure. However, this experience is certainly not for the weak of heart.

White water rafting can prove intense, especially if you have no prior experience. Be sure to examine your comfort level before undertaking this challenge. You can always enjoy the other experiences that the region offers, such as Cade’s Cove and the lovely town of Gatlinburg.

Theme Parks & Thrill in Pigeon Forge

The picturesque and delightful alpine town of Pigeon Forge is filled with pleasant surprises. Tucked at the foothills of the Great Smokies, Pigeon Forge is a leading attraction for families with children. It’s home to the best theme parks in the region, including the globally-acclaimed Dollywood. Children and adults have much to rejoice in here, as the town is abuzz with outdoor recreations and country music.

When you’re not stomping your feet to the soulful croons of country music, you can feast at the iconic fine dining establishments. Pigeon Forge is also the ultimate hub of roller coasters. We strongly recommend checking out Paula Deen’s Lumberjack Feud Show & Adventure Park. Thrill-seekers can take the ride of their lives at the Flying Ox, a rollercoaster combined with a ziplining adventure.

Historical Musings in the National Civil Rights Museum

Here’s something exciting for the history buffs: head over to explore the National Civil Rights Museum. Tennessee is brimming with historical structures and educational experiences, and this museum is a world-class facility. Erected in 1991, it tells the story of America’s civil rights movement in the liveliest and engaging manner.

The museum is divided across multiple buildings, and each tells a different story with its artifacts and legacy. We strongly recommend you head over to the Lorraine Motel, the site of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination. It now exists as a museum celebrating his life and honoring his work.

Explore the Titanic Museum Attraction

Are you endlessly fascinated by the legend of Titanic? Here’s the ultimate opportunity to witness the legend of the world’s most iconic ship come to life. The Titanic Museum Attraction was created in 1987 after the diving expedition succeeded in recovering the vessel. The museum houses a wealth of artifacts and remnants from the Titanic Historical Society.

You can feast your eyes on over 400 artifacts and relics recovered from the wreckage and preserved as memorabilia. Be sure to visit the Memorial Room erected to honor the passengers and crew members.

Enjoy Fried Chicken & Country Music in Nashville

Nashville is one of Tennessee’s most promising metropolises of urban and cultural adventures. You can feast your heart out on Nashville’s most iconic dish, the fried chicken. The city is famous for country music, and we strongly urge you to embark on a bar-hopping escapade. There’s nothing more enjoyable than listening to emerging artists at Nashville’s honky-tonk bars and pubs.

You can catch fantastic country music shows at famous venues, like the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Ryman Auditorium. The city is brimming with museums that celebrate country music and iconic artists. We strongly advise visiting The Parthenon and the Johnny Cash Museum. When you’re tired of strolling the city, head over to the Assembly Food Hall and unleash your appetite.

Final Thoughts

Tennessee is brimming with attractions and adventures that will leave you spoilt for choice. Covering the entire state and its attractions is an overly ambitious goal that would take months to achieve. If you’re pressed for time, we advise creating a well-timed itinerary with ample room for spontaneity. An itinerary will give you a sense of direction, and you can always embark off the beaten track when you feel the urge.

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