6 Tips for Travelling with Toddlers This Summer

6 Tips for Traveling With Toddlers This Summer © Mario Renteria / Pixabay

While summer is the perfect time to explore with toddlers, failure to plan adequately in advance can make your vacation exhausting and stressful. This article outlines six tips for traveling with toddlers in summer.

1. Create a packing list

When packing for toddlers, you may be tempted to pack everything in anticipation of every situation. Nonetheless, creating a packing checklist can help ease the process. If your toddler still sleeps in a crib, consider bed rail guards to prevent the baby from rolling off. Double-sided bed rails are ideal, especially if your child moves around frequently at night, keeping them secure. If the place you’re going doesn’t have enough bed space, a portable cot will come in handy.

Pack nappies and nappy changing accessories, including wet wipes and resealable bags for dirty clothes, nappies, and bibs. Carry light-weight clothes, nice pajamas, and toddler toiletries. Don’t forget insect repellant, baby-friendly sun cream, swimming gear, and a collapsible stroller. You can find multiple packing list guides online to help you through the process. Click here to learn more.

2. Schedule toddler-friendly pit stops

If you’re going to travel for long hours in a car, consider scheduling a few toddler-friendly pit stops on the way because children usually have lots of build-up energy. While you may have planned for meal stops, identifying fun and unique pit stops allows everyone to stretch their feet. If it’s difficult finding such stops along your route, hang out at a restaurant’s play zone for a while to let the kids relax.

3. Organise car activities

Before leaving for the vacation, stock your car with enough car activities, including games like the license plate game, the road trip scavenger hunt, alphabet game, and more. With an organiser at the back of the passenger and driver seats, you can fill it with play-doh, drawing pads, coloured pencils, a small puzzle, small-sized binoculars, and tiny animal figures. If your toddler can read, get their favourite books to keep them busy along the way.

4. Plan indoor and outdoor activities

Summer comes with many outdoor activities, including festivals, parks, beaches, outdoor concerts, and other toddler-oriented activities like hiking or biking with a child in tow. It’s also essential to plan for indoor activities to escape unexpected rainy days or extreme summer heat. You can try kid’s museums, indoor water parks or pools, and indoor farmer’s markets as the best options when the weather becomes too extreme.

5. Pack healthy snacks

Packing yummy, healthy snacks for toddlers can be challenging. Consider fresh fruit snacks, including apples, bananas, berries, grapes, melon, kiwi, and pear. For the healthy shelf-stable produce, pick apple chips, dried fruit, applesauce pouches, raisins, toddler pouches, freeze-dried vegetables and fruits, and canned fruit in juice. You can also pack whole grain toddler snacks like cereal, honey graham energy bites, puffs, cinnamon raisin bread, and soft-baked granola bars. Don’t forget some fun and healthy snacks with a crunch like veggie straws, cheese crackers, mini rice cakes, chickpea puffs, and quinoa chips.

6. Consider vaccines if traveling internationally

Based on your destination, it’s essential to consult with your physician to determine if you need any vaccines or preventive medication. Consider carrying your toddler’s immunization report copy should proof of vaccination be required.

Final thought

Traveling with children can be challenging but rewarding too. Use these tips when traveling with a toddler this summer.

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