7 Best Restaurants in Sarasota, FL

7 Best Restaurants in Sarasota, Florida © Jarukit Nantaprapin/ Unsplash

It’s safe to say that everyone enjoys sitting down to a tasty meal. Whether you live in the area or are traveling through, Sarasota has many delicious options for even the pickiest of eaters. Located right next to the ocean, this city has the benefit of offering fresh seafood for inhabitants and visitors alike to enjoy. Although there is plenty of seafood readily available, there are also other delicious and highly rated dishes to taste. Keep reading to find a restaurant that will appeal to all your senses.

Owen’s Fish Camp

Not only will you enjoy the plethora of fresh fish and seafood, but you will feel right at home with their comfortable booths and low lighting. Here you will enjoy savory, melt-in-your-mouth scallops, as well as comfort food such as crispy chicken and fries. With the abundance of options, everyone at your party is sure to find something they will love.

Selva Downtown Sarasota

If you enjoy the ambiance and innovative dishes, Selva Downtown Sarasota is the place to go. They offer cuisine that merges Latin and Northern America for a uniquely designed menu and Peruvian twists. You can enjoy fine dining, or relax on a soft couch while listening to a DJ play on a Friday night. Selva incorporates elegance and individuality to give each patron a memorable experience.

Veronica Fish and Oyster

With walls decorated with both trinkets and paintings in remembrance of a song called “Veronica” by Elvis Costello, Veronica Fish and Oyster is an abstract and vintage spot. If the aroma of freshly cooked halibut doesn’t bring you in, the creative cocktails at happy hour will. If you love your experience here, you can become a club member to enjoy additional promotions and specials.

Michael’s On East

Michael’s On East is an elegant restaurant known for hosting exciting events such as whiskey tastings. From their elaborate charcuterie boards to their moist duck, Michael’s is a must when looking for a reliably tasty dish. After finishing your entree, indulge in a sweet treat such as the Chocolate Blackout Cake from their dessert menu.

Clasico Italian Chophouse

Along with a large selection of authentic Italian dishes such as their Chef Ravioli, Clasico offers late night food after 11pm for those enjoying the nightlife. You can find music playing and the bartenders slinging hand-crafted cocktails after the sun goes down. This location is both a classic Italian restaurant and a hot spot for anyone looking for a thrilling night out.

Brick’s Smoked Meats

There’s nothing like a juicy, tender prime brisket with a side of pimento mac and cheese to fill an empty stomach. Brick’s Smoked Meats offers customers drool-worthy comfort food that will have you coming back for more. No matter the cut of meat you choose, you will be full and satisfied.

Siegfried’s Restaurant and German Biergarten

If you are looking to enjoy authentic German food, this is the place to go. The owners moved from Germany and opened their business in 2018 in a little local cottage in Sarasota. Their goal is to share their traditional and native family recipes so everyone who visits can enjoy them. Whether you are looking to try schnitzel for the first time or savor a cold beer, Seigfried’s Restaurant and German Biergarten has you covered.

Driving may be the last thing on your mind after a hearty meal. Instead of driving yourself, you can use something such as New Orleans car service to get you back and forth to the restaurant without worrying about driving. You can sit back and relax knowing you are being transported by a trained professional that is solely focused on driving you safely. With a personal chauffeur at your disposal, you can easily enjoy a night out on the town without worrying about finding parking, paying expensive parking fees or refraining from cocktails.

Before you choose a restaurant, there are a few different things you should consider to have a fulfilling experience. First, you must decide what type of food you are in the mood for. Once you have decided on the cuisine you’re craving, you can then narrow down your selections by ambiance and food options. You will want to go somewhere that has good reviews and is known for excellent customer service. These restaurants are all reputable options if you are looking for somewhere to satisfy your hunger in Sarasota.

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