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A Guide to Having the Perfect Irish Road Trip Experience

A roadtrip around Ireland is a must for any respectable travel bucket list © Jusuf111 / Pixabay

Going on a road trip is one of the perfect ways to become connected with friends and family by going on a journey of a lifetime together. With beautiful landscapes to take in across many countries, including Ireland’s iconic destinations – the adventures are endless for your travels. While many people question where to start when planning their roadtrip, there are a range of prepping tips to get the most out of your getaway. From staying entertained during the travels in your motorhome, to planning which destinations you’re going to visit, there are lots of factors to consider when ensuring the perfect road trip. Here are just a few ways you can road trip successfully around Ireland.

The key packing essentials

While packing for a road trip may seem a little overwhelming, there are many tips to bear in mind and the process can quickly become a breeze. Staying in your own motorhome means that you will require appliances that you would normally leave at home, therefore remembering daily essentials will save you when out on your travels.

Some things are more essential than others, for example remembering to pack emergency kits and first aid kits will ensure safety whilst on your adventures, so it is something you don’t want to miss. With your road trip including many days out doing activities and more, packing things like cool bags and chargers will keep you fully equipped for those long day trips. Especially for those relying on technology to keep entertained during long travel times, having fully charged devices and portable chargers will be a lifesaver in retaining your boredom.

There are also other essentials to keep all of your clothes and equipment stored securely. For example, laundry bags are a great way to store worn clothes, preventing unwashed clothes from being all over your motorhome! For more basic everyday necessities, items such as hand sanitiser and sunscreen are just two things you don’t want to forget on those long adventures. With full days out in any possible weather conditions, it is also handy to pack clothing that is suitable for all conditions, rain or shine. When travelling across Ireland, you will want everything from walking shoes and sandals, to a raincoat and a sunshade- you might even need to wear them all in one day!

Hiring motorhomes & campervans for your getaway

For those wanting to get started on their road trip getaway, Ireland is the perfect place to start for your travels. Travelling by motorhome is one of the best ways to fulfil the true road trip experience. With the freedom to travel where you like, when you like, the possibilities are endless when motorhoming through Ireland’s stunning landmarks. With a moving home and spontaneous trips on offer, what’s stopping you from jumping in your motorhome and setting off on your adventures.

For those who don’t own a motorhome, many companies such as Thompson Leisure offer motorhome and campervan hire with different styles to suit your preferences. With motorhomes and campervans that sleep up to 7 people, you and your family can enjoy the trip of a lifetime from the comfort of your own home on wheels.

Keeping entertained during your travels

Going on road trips is the perfect way for a quality family bonding experience, as you get to see beautiful views during your travels, there are many things that you wouldn’t get by flying. However there is no denying that keeping little ones busy can be a challenge on long journeys. As you make your way across Ireland, downloading apps and games are a great way for keeping both adults and children entertained on your journey’s.

Indulge in traditional games such as I-Spy and Would You Rather for a family inclusive trip, allowing you to spot more of the countryside around you and just have some fun. Packing a tablet is also worthwhile, with a selection of great mobile apps to keep you entertained, quiz games and ebooks will ensure you an easy journey. Whether you have children with you or you are on an all-adults getaway, there won’t be a quiet moment on your trip!

Iconic Irish landmarks to complete your road trip

Ireland is filled with amazing sights and destinations you will not want to miss out on during your road trip. Driving by Dublin you can make a day out of the famous Guinness Storehouse, learning about the history of the beer while picking up some sensational souvenirs along the way. If you happen to be heading into the Wicklow Mountains, don’t forget to pull up at Glendalough. Deep in the beautiful greenery of the Wicklow Mountains National Park, this glacial valley is a must-see for nature lovers.

As far as iconic sights go, you won’t want to miss out on The Cliffs of Moher. Seen in a whole host of movies, this beauty spot is home to a lot of diverse flora and fauna and some gorgeous views. Visitors will be spoilt for choice with the exploring opportunities at the famous landmark. With beautiful birds to watch for and other stunning animals to create the experience of a lifetime, your road trip in Ireland will be one to remember.

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