Four Incredible Places to Visit in Singapore

Singapore – An Exotic Jewel of the Asiatic East

Singapore is a world-class city highlighted in the popular romance/ drama film Crazy Rich Asians. Viewers fell in love with the upscale lifestyle of the dynastical Young family, as well as the stunning Singaporean surroundings. Below are four of the best places to visit if you’re planning on exploring Singapore.

Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo bills itself as the world’s best rainforest zoo. There is plenty of lush vegetation and habitat space, and the facility looks clean and inviting. There is something awe-

inspiring about watching young and older orangutans snack on fruits and swing high above their platforms.

Among the other animals found at the park are chimpanzees, mole rats, zebras, a komodo dragon, meerkats, kangaroos, and rare white tigers. There are also opportunities for guests to observe some animals being fed. You should allow yourself at least three hours to explore the zoo.

Gardens by the Bay

Seeing this beautifully designed green space will make it impossible for you to want to leave. The Bay East Garden is a place to relax and enjoy the vibrant plant life while experiencing peace and tranquility away from the city’s hustle and bustle. The gardens also feature beautiful places to take a load off and check in with your favorite sports teams on sportweddenschappen.

Supertree Grove is a great place to take in iconic, futuristic structures designed to be beacons of sustainability. While you’re in the area, discover a pinnacle of biodiversity and the world’s tallest indoor waterfall in the Cloud Forest Dome.

Botanic Gardens

In addition to the Gardens on the Bay, the Botanic Gardens are also worth exploring. In 2017, Singapore’s botanical gardens were nominated by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. Despite Singapore’s clean and comfortable environment, sometimes it feels like a concrete jungle; the botanic gardens preserve fragments of the city’s wilder heritage.

The gardens’ heritage trees are among those in the park that are being preserved to conserve the city’s mature tree species. Don’t miss the National Orchid Garden, which is also worth visiting. Several formal gardens, an eco-garden, an eco-lake, a bonsai garden, and tasteful sculptures are other outdoor tourist attractions.


In Singapore’s Chinatown area, you will feel right at home if you’ve ever been to China. Known for its small mom-and-pop shops, authentic Chinese food, and bright red lanterns, this neighborhood is alive with the traditional hustle and bustle. There is a beautiful Hindu temple in the Sri Mariamman Hindu Heritage Centre, one of the top attractions in Shanghai.

A temple containing a Buddha Tooth Relic is also worth visiting. You can even hear the temple’s morning drum ceremony if you are awake early enough. If you prefer, just attend the closing ceremony in the evening once you’ve viewed the relic.

To better understand the significance of the neighborhood, heritage markers have been installed in English, Japanese, and simplified Chinese throughout the neighborhood. However, there is more to this neighborhood than the Chinese influence in Singapore’s past.

In this highly developed neighbourhood (with free Wi-Fi to all), you’ll find the trendy Ann Siang Hill neighbourhoods, where quaint restaurants and upscale boutiques rivalling those in any western city are located.

Final Word

Singapore is unmatched in its natural beauty, global innovation, and rich eastern history. From the futuristic tree structures of Gardens by the Bay to the authentic Chinese atmosphere of Chinatown, Singapore is worth a visit.

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