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The Most Underrated Destinations in Europe

Bruges has long been one of Europe's most under the radar destinations © Pixabay

Europe is full of unique destinations for all tastes. Countless historical towns are often shadowed by staples like Paris, Berlin, and London. Still, the top is a place for the few. This article aims to justice those beautiful places that don’t make it to the headlines.

The Roads Less Travelled

Of course, cities like Brussels or Amsterdam are popular destinations for excellent reasons. Still, traveling to big capitals can be incredibly expensive, like any tourism destination. Yet, options tend to be cheaper in smaller and lesser-known cities. Besides, places aren’t constantly crowded.

The lesser known and visited cities often boast exquisite scenery, beautiful architecture and dozens of adventures and activities to do. You can also travel through these destinations by train where you can enjoy the path less travelled with beautiful scenery or use that time to catch up on your reading, playing at an online casino or enjoying a documentary on Netflix.

Here are some underrated cities that definitely deserve more credit.

Nafplio – Greece

Nafplio is a port city, with privileged views of the Aegean Sea, in the Peloponnese region. It’s a small and walkable city, full of castles and other archaeological sites. The Theatre of Epidaurus, from 340 B.C., still retains its high acoustic qualities.

Split – Croatia

Overlooked cities tend to be small, but it isn’t Split’s case. Split is the second-largest city in the country. Yet not even the locals seem to give much credit to it. For many, it’s just a port city, from which they can sail to nearby islands. Nonetheless, the town is thriving with attractions, from fine restaurants to coastal mountains.

Bologna – Italy

When it comes to tourism destinations, the competition is tough in Italy. Rome and Venice are such excellent and obvious options that incurious tourists look no further. Well, they’re missing a lot. Bologna is nicknamed the ‘Manhattan of medieval times. The place boasts jaw-dropping architecture and is home to the traditional University of Bologna.

Innsbruck – Austria

Innsbruck isn’t as famous as Wien, but it’s undoubtedly worth exploring. With gorgeous views of the Alps, this student city has a rich culture to offer. It’s a great destination for ski lovers and also for hiking.

Bruges – Belgium

Located only one hour from Brussels, Bruges is absolutely worth the stretch. The city is famous for its canal-riddled streets, great culinary and authentic brewery. The city center is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, thanks to its incredible architecture.

Vézelay – France

Paris doesn’t need introductions, but have you ever heard about Vézelay? Vézelay is gaining attention for its top-quality wines and bucolic atmosphere. The Basilique Sainte Marie-Madeleine is the architectural wonder of the city and a must-see. Consider the views to the Cure valley as bonuses for adventurous travelers.

Newcastle – England

Newcastle used to be an industrial city with little interest in tourism. Newcastle has gone through a transformation in the past decade, though. The place is now home to the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art and the Sage Gateshead.


If you want every trip to be unique, search for less popular destinations. You’ll get to see special places that don’t often make the headlines but won’t leave your memories either.

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