Girls’ Getaway: 8 Tips for Planning the Perfect Trip

Let’s be honest; we have all wanted to have at least one girls’ getaway since we watched Sex and the City. It has always felt like a distant dream, with all the responsibilities we carry. However, vacations are a great way to relax and escape the stresses of daily life. Having all your frontline girlfriends along makes it even more enjoyable.

Women are known to be quite good at organizing, and most enjoy the process. It is exciting to imagine and plan every activity for a future vacation, but it is also important to keep the practical aspects in mind. Each person’s budget, interests, and feelings must be acknowledged and considered before planning and creating a girl’s trip itinerary.

Therefore, the ideal getaway requires some exceptional planning. Here are some suggestions to make it the most special vacation possible.

1. Collaborate

Meeting up is the best option to make decisions immediately with everybody’s consent, rather than delaying things while waiting for emails and text replies. Nowadays, virtual meetings have become easier than ever via Whatsapp videos and Zoom. So, arrange an online meetup if taking out time for physical meetups is not feasible. Consider everyone’s opinions on selecting a destination. If you are all more of the hiking and adventerous type, consider visiting the city of Pigeon Forge in Tenessee. The trip won’t cost you much, and it’s great for a first-time adventure with your girls.

2. Reservations

Once the vacation spot has been decided, it is time to make the reservations beforehand, so you don’t have to worry about where to stay once you reach your destination. Various up-to-the-mark hotels and lodging services are available everywhere and can be searched online.

If a trip to Tenessee is on your bucket list, search for the best Pigeon Forge lodging and make reservations before embarking on your journey.

Off-season bookings might cost less, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Book the best rooms a week before your trip.

It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the area before you visit. Look for hangout spots, eateries, entertainment and sightseeing options, etc. This would also give you an idea of the costs, preparing you for the next step below.

3. Set a Budget

One of the most challenging aspects of organizing any getaway is coming up with a spending limit that works for everyone. Everyone would want to enjoy a nice getaway, especially with friends. But not everyone can pool in a lot of money. Please exercise caution and urge everyone to be completely open about their comfort level.

If it helps, ask everyone to anonymously list the amount they feel comfortable spending. After this, try sticking to that budget. Find out if the other participants in your getaway group are willing to pitch in and if that budget is significantly less than everyone else’s. Planning the trip with a budget that works for everyone will prevent any inconveniences.

4. Divide the tasks

Assign a task to each member of your team. Perhaps one friend has a knack for finding Instagram-worthy Airbnb locations, and another is a major foodie and a pro at finding mouthwatering restaurants. Give each woman in the group a specific task to complete. Then cross it off the list to relieve some of the pressure. If there’s an expert among you, make sure to use her expertise.

5. Activities

Whether this is your annual getaway or the first time you and your girls have been together in a while, it is essential to decide what type of vacation this will be. Will it be a fun-filled weekend to let your hair down, an action-packed week to bring you all closer together, or a combination of the two? Whatever it is, ensure everyone is on board and entering with the proper frame of mind.

But before you start looking at must-see locations, flights, and accommodations, it’s crucial to make sure that everyone is clear on what they hope to gain from this trip. It will be easier to decide where to go if you have everything out on the table.

For instance, some group members might not enjoy long-lasting parties or may enjoy resting rather than going out for drinks at night. Additionally, it is possible to decide who will participate in each activity. Not everyone needs to do everything. Narrow down the lists to suit the budget.

6. Plan the Wardrobe

A girl’s trip will definitely be incomplete without spending half of the time planning what to wear. Coordinating with the girls is not only fun but a requirement too. Imagine wearing ripped jeans to a brunch where everyone else happened to wear a dress. Planning the wardrobe will help everyone slay their style while staying on the same page. Not to forget, it will look amazing on Instagram as well!

7. Travel Insurance

Check for travel insurance options. Insurance helps in various cases. For instance, if an activity or the whole trip gets canceled, you can recover all or part of the pre-booking. Apart from that, in case of any mishaps or accidents, there can be a few beneficial policies.

8. Be Flexible

No matter how carefully you’ve planned, there is always a chance that something will change or be canceled. Perhaps one of the group members may experience an emergency and be unable to join, or a location may close down due to unfavorable weather conditions. At times, even after you’ve planned and planned, not everything goes according to plan. In any case, it’s necessary for everyone taking the trip to maintain an open mind toward any unforeseen changes in the schedule. The budget should also be flexible to account for sudden happenings or to accommodate members who might wish to join in on an activity they didn’t want to consider previously.


Taking an all-girls trip can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. To make the best out of it, planning well is crucial. Everyone’s budget and interest should be determined while making plans so that the trip turns out to be relaxing for everyone. Remember to have fun and take lots of pictures to preserve those precious memories.

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