Here’s Why You Should Invest in Travel Insurance for Your Next Global Trip

Here’s Why You Should Invest in Travel Insurance for Your Next Global Trip © Lorri Lang / Pixabay

Planning your next big adventure abroad? While preparing to tick all the exciting tourist attractions off your bucket list, don’t forget to tick off travel insurance too! Trekking the globe is always an exciting time for any traveller, but it often comes with a hefty amount of spending. Add an unforeseen medical expense or another mishap along the way to the mix and you may be sitting with an unwanted bill that can place quite the damper on your international travels!

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider investing in travel insurance for your next trip overseas.

1. Be covered in the event of an unpredicted change of plans

Unforeseen circumstances like a family emergency or flight cancellation happen, and when they do, you want to be covered for the expenses of your trip instead of paying out of pocket or waving goodbye to your paid holiday. Even the most seasoned travel agent or flight attendant can’t help in cases like these because late cancellations aren’t refundable in most cases. However, with travel insurance, you’ll ensure that many of your cancellation risks are covered, especially in an event like the current global pandemic.

2. Your health insurance doesn’t apply overseas

Getting sick or injured overseas is no fun, but not having any medical insurance to cover yourself is even worse. If you are planning to travel abroad, it’s worth knowing that your medical insurance doesn’t apply across the border of your nation. Plus, not all countries provide quality healthcare that’s free. Having emergency medical benefits included in your travel insurance ensures that you will be covered for those unprecedented injuries or illnesses.

3. Flying solo? Travel insurance is a must

Travelling overseas by yourself is a brave and adventurous thing to do. However, it can become very dangerous if you fall ill, lose your baggage, or get into an accident and aren’t covered with travel insurance. Feeling alone in a foreign country while being sick or injured is scary, but having travel insurance covers you and ensures that you don’t have to depend on a stranger in the case of an emergency.

4. Get covered for baggage delay or loss

So you’ve finally arrived at your balmy vacation destination, but now your baggage is delayed by 24 hours or has been lost. What now? Having travel insurance covers you in the event of baggage claim delays (remember you may have essential items you’ll need in there!) or in the case of your luggage being lost. Make sure your essential items are covered by comprehensive travel insurance and avoid a stressful incident kickstarting your would-be blissful trip.

5. Be covered for your stolen items

Your luggage isn’t the only thing that can be lost or stolen while you’re on your jet-setting trip. Stolen travel money, cell phones and wallets can all be covered by your travel insurance company. If you’ve made the mistake of stashing all your cash in your wallet and get pickpocketed on the side of the road or your rental car gets broken into and all your valuables are stolen, it helps to know that they can be compensated for.

6. Receive rapid assistance for all your emergencies

It’s normal to stress and be at a loss with what to do next when you’re faced with a mind-boggling crisis and feel alienated across foreign borders. Travel insurance is there to give you the peace of mind you need. All you have to do is call your designated travel insurance company for emergency assistance and someone will be able to help solve your problem, given that it’s covered within the insurance policy you’ve taken out with them. Even the most financially organised travellers can face trying situations overseas where finances are concerned, which is why investing in comprehensive travel insurance is your best bet for knowing you’re covered in the event of a medical or another type of crisis.

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