Tips for Going on a Cross-Country Tour

Analogue maps are a recipe for adventure on your next cross country road trip! © Pexels / Dominika Roseclay

If you have spent the last few years indoors, then you deserve to go on a long road trip. It would be the most satisfying thing you will ever do as it lets you experience new places without having to book a flight. All you need is a reliable vehicle and enough gas in the tank to last the entire summer.

Beyond that, you must also come prepared with the right mindset and the right tools. Before heading out on a cross-country adventure, keep these tips in mind:

1. Make a plan

While it can be gratifying to go traveling without a roadmap, you still need to avoid getting into trouble as you venture into unfamiliar territory. For this reason, spend time plotting out your destinations and finding the best routes to take. Even if it isn’t your first time, you must chart your journey and identify potential stopovers. Making a clear plan doesn’t take away the fun out of a road trip. It makes it better and safer.

2. Get a travel companion

People have different tastes when it comes to traveling. Many adventure-seekers prefer traveling solo simply because it’s cheaper and they get to have full control of their itinerary. Still, getting a travel buddy would make the experience worthwhile. Whether it’s with your best friend or a romantic partner, you get to share memorable moments, solve problems, and have someone you can lean on in case of an emergency. If you don’t have anyone who can tag along, consider road tripping with a dog or a cat.

3. Get your ride checked

Will you be driving a camper or a sedan? Regardless of the size and type of vehicle you will be driving, make sure that it is in good condition before the day of your trip. Start by replacing the fluids and checking the condition of your tires. You will also need to test your brakes and headlights. On top of that, make sure to patch up any cracks on your windshield and give your car a good wash. Avoid doing any of these at the last minute! Give yourself at least a week of preparation time. This should be enough to check if your car is fit for the long journey ahead.

4. Stock up on emergency supplies

Before heading out, make sure you have everything you need in case you encounter a problem along the way. Busting a tire or getting sideswiped by another vehicle are just some of the things you need to prepare for, so make sure you bring along an emergency kit that includes a flashlight, antiseptic, first aid supplies, extra blankets, and clean water. You should also consider installing a GPS tracker and let your loved ones and friends know where you are each time you reach a stopover.

If you want to make the most out of a cross-country road trip this year, keep these tips in mind for a safe and life-changing experience.

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