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5 Tips on How to Save Travel Money in RV Financing

5 Tips on How to Save Travel Money in RV Financing
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RV sales have been skyrocketing for the last few years, and an ever-increasing number of people are opting for RV travel. But the question is, how are all these people paying for their RVs? While a limited number of RV owners are capable of purchasing their RV in full, a lot of people rely on RV loans to fund their new buys.

Since brand new RVs are generally expensive, purchasing one is a major financial decision. Just like any financial transactions, you’d want to get the best deal for a lesser cost. No worries! There are a lot of ways to save money when financing an RV. You just need the right know-how for a cheaper RV purchase.

RV Financing

Financing an RV has a lot of similarities to funding a house or a car. For one, you can acquire a loan from a credit union, bank, or a lender operating via an RV dealership. You can also opt to process your loan online through online lenders. Nowadays, you can effortlessly search for a legitimate RV dealership and camper loans online. You’ll have to sign a contract citing the particulars of the loan, such as the annual percentage rate and the loan term.

Shopping around for outstanding loans before choosing a lender is always a smart move to ensure that you’re getting the best terms and deals possible. Various lenders may present multiple loan terms and interest rates, both of which influence your loan’s lifetime cost. RV loans are generally secured loans, which means you make use of the RV itself as insurance.

Like other kinds of loans, there are various choices regarding where to turn to when applying for an RV loan, and each option has its pros and cons. It’s up to you to figure out which type of lender is the best for you.

Tips to Save Money on RV Financing

Taking off on a road trip using an RV lets travellers experience a chance to explore different places without giving up the comforts of their home. But financing an RV is a bit expensive for most people. Check out these tips on how to save money in RV Financing.

Set Your Budget

Before you begin looking for RV loans, you must first establish your budget and stick to it. Keep in mind, you may need to ship your RV home if you purchase it online which will increase your overall cost. Your new RV needs to be a good asset for you and should not become a burden. Be sure that the budget you prepared is practical. You need to consider both the amount you are comfortable spending and your monthly budget.

RV loans can go on for more than a decade, so consider where your life will be in the following ten years or more. Will you be in a situation where you can afford your monthly installment cost in a couple of years? You need to think about that and all the other lifestyle factors when planning your RV budget.

Improve Your Credit Score

Before you go to any lender to apply for a loan, examine your credit score first. On the off chance that it is under 700, take some time to improve it before applying for a loan. Every lender will inspect your credit score before approving your application and offering you an agreement.

If you need a lower rat, at least between 4%-6% for your RV loan, maintain your credit score in the 700s to 800s. If not, you can opt for the higher rates along 10% and more. However, you will wind up paying more in reimbursements than the actual cost of your travels.

Get Pre Approved for Financing

Before you stop by showrooms or vendors, get pre-approved for a loan beforehand. Pre-approval helps you estimate the amount of money lenders will let you spend. This estimation can prevent you from choosing vehicles that surpass your budget. You can also look at promotional offers, evaluate initial interest rates, and find hidden expenses, all of which can help you find the best terms.

When you’re pre-approved, it’s easier to make deals with sellers knowing you already have your finances set up. Through this strategy, being pressured into accepting a less ideal financing option from a dealer can be easily avoided. Doing this will prevent you from facing future troubles when it comes to paying monthly installments.

Consider a Second Hand Purchase

Except if you are dead set on buying a new RV, make it your objective to find a secondhand in good condition. Since RVs normally devalue, you can set aside a lot of money by buying a used model. You’d be astounded with all the types of discounts you’ll be offered for models that are just a couple of years old.

You’ll also wind up in a better bargaining position with the vendor, aside from the fact that the used RV will be cheaper. If you do your best in negotiating, you may leave with a couple of additional advantages tossed into your buy. Remember that you can do some upgrading with next to no cost once you find the best RV.

Search for the Best Interest Rates

RVs are a huge buy, which implies your RV loan will undoubtedly be huge as well. Through going around for the ideal interest rate for your RV loan, you can save a large amount of money every year.

It is better to look for the ideal rate at different RV financing companies, credit unions, RV dealerships, and banks. RV dealerships can be exceptionally competitive with interest rates as they usually fill in as a broker for various lenders.


These days, buying an RV is not that simple when there are several different options to consider when purchasing a used or new vehicle. If you don’t have a guide to lead you through the process, it will all become somewhat overwhelming, and unplanned buys are bound to happen. Moreover, you can’t deny the fact that financing an RV is expensive without the right know-how. Shop smart and follow the tips above in the funding of your RV to get the best RV loan with fewer expenses.

Lauren Cordell is a professional writer and is an avid fan of RV travel. She loves to drive to different places and collect inspiration for her writings. As of today, Lauren focuses more on creating articles about travel financing.

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