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Casino Trip Tips: Guide for Gamblers Travelling to London

Big Ben, red buses, Westminister Abbey and Casinos: The quintessential London! © Shutterstock

What beats a night at the local casino with your friends? A trip to far-away destinations to soak up the best casinos, local culture and enjoy the surrounding nightlife.

London is one of the most fun destinations for gamblers. If you are planning a gambling themed trip away with your buddies, we have a list of tips that will help you plan and enjoy a trip to the UK.

1. London Is Huge!

When choosing any destination for a gambling trip, you should be picking the destination based on what casinos are on offer (as well as other things). This means looking up what gaming venues are in the city.

But one mistake people make when organising a city gambling break is that they fail to realise how big London really is. The locals say that everywhere takes an hour to get to, which is more accurate than you would think. Now imagine you pick out two establishments for the evening – that could end up as three hours of your evening on the Tube!

To counter this, make sure you plan your casino itinerary around the local transport and your hotel location.

2. Speaking of Hotels…

The British capital has some of the world’s best hotels. You can find stellar suites and rooms for your party across the capital. But don’t expect combined casinos and hotels to be similar to the highly extravagant ones found in Vegas and Asia. In London, these are usually separated into two different venues.

That doesn’t mean you won’t find exquisite hotels and fantastic casinos in London. They are in abundance. To get the best prices, always book well in advance. Sometimes the capital’s best rooms can be sold out fast, and those last-minute bookings are usually more expensive.

3. Explore Europe

It would be a missed opportunity to land in London and not hop over to the continent to explore historic cities and more exceptional European casinos. From London you can take a speedy train known as the Eurostar to France and Belgium, two countries with plenty of (casino) landmarks to explore. From Brussels or Paris, you have the whole of Europe on your doorstep with easy transport links. If possible, make your London trip into a European gaming adventure!

4. Know the Dress Code

Unlike Las Vegas, where you can where pretty much anything in most of the gambling venues, London dress etiquette is different. Some of the most exquisite casinos that you will want to visit will require you to wear a suit and tie to get in. Moreover, some of these traditional establishments may require advanced bookings. Don’t come all the way to London to be denied entry because you forgot your ‘ones and twos’ (London slang for shoes) or you didn’t book.

With these top tips, your London gambling trip will be smoother and more enjoyable!

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