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In Your Pocket Traveller Sentiment Survey

Where is the pathway into the future leading? Hopefully somewhere brighter, happier and better smelling - like these fields of lavender! © Jennifer Lunz / Unsplash

If the Google Form that should be embedded above is not working for some reason, you can complete the survey here.

If you’d like to see the report from our Winter 2021 Traveller Sentiment Survey, you can find it here.

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  1. We had a trip from Australia to Europe in 2020 which had to be cancelled. I am now left with a number of Airline vouchers and still unable to use them this year. We still don’t know whether they can be extended or be given refunds. It’s very unsatisfactory. Refunds should have been mandatory under the circumstances.

  2. I enjoy all sorts of travel ranging from a cultural city break to a few days in a yurt on a lake. In the survey, I stated that I am less likely to travel to a city now. The reason isn’t because I fear Covid. The reason is that I don’t see much point in traveling to a city during a pandemic during a pandemic. The atmosphere will not be what it customarily is and you may not be able to attend theatre performances, visit museums and exhibitions, go on a shopping binge, or enjoy a nite of partying. The things you may be able to enjoy might entail extra planning and waiting in lines. I can’t imagine what I would do in most major cities at the moment.

  3. Our plan to travel to St. Petersburg and Moscow went astray due to. Confinement to home send us nearly crazy. Fortunately there was no booking of hotel or flight.

  4. I work in the Czech Republic so i have been subjected to airport closures and not being able to travel home for 3 months, my last trip home has just cost £460 in government required tests.
    Fit to fly home, Day2 & Day8 tests (10 day isolation) fit to fly back (5 day isolation) PCR test to release. The airport and security staff are always courteoous and just as frustrated as the traveller. Your survey is more for holiday time. I have cancelled my vacation in August due to the costs associated with testing but have kept my booking for a christmas break.

  5. I am still very sceptical regarding travel this year. I cannot see the restrictions being lifted for the summer which is only two months away. Having had my trips cancelled last year I had a hard time to get reimbursed. Apart from that I am still awaiting a refund from Blue Air (a Romanian low cost airline) <ho want me to put the ticket in a wallet for future use. I have told them on numerous occasions that I will not be visiting Romania in the near future and therefore request a cash refund. They keep telling me that they are very busy with lots of refunds and I should be patient. Personally, I don't think that Blue Air has any intention of making a refund and my advice is to avoid this company at all costs.

  6. I enjoy travel and had planned to go to India which had to be cancelled but has been rearranged for later this year – hopefully. We booked the whole tour through the Flight Centre who have been excellent. Now just booked to go to China in 2022 with Wendy Wu. Also got trips to Scotland booked. Covid will not stop me travelling where possible.

  7. One of the survey questions annoyed me! The United Kingdom is not a nationality. In fact the UK is a state made up of four countries.

    • Hi Cleddy, thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, most standardised country submission forms on the web only list internationally recognised countries as option from the drop down, rather than all constituent ‘nations’ or entities that might exist therein. However, if it’s any consolation, on our own website we have indeed listed Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England as separate countries. All the best

  8. I expect the vaccination campaigns in Europe to successfully end the pandemic by autumn. During the summer, the virus will again subside and make travel possible wherever a quick return is guaranteed ro avoid restrictions like quarantine on return.

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