Investment Options for obtaining of Caribbean Citizenship

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It is common to call the islands in the Atlantic Ocean the Caribbean, but no matter what we call a group of plots in the middle of the water, they will not attract less attention from tourists. People from different parts of the world try to visit them at least once in their lives and enjoy their vacation. Swimming, surfing, fishing, yachting – this is only part of the sea adventures, the other part of the entertainment shows is located in the city centers, where everything is arranged for a whole life, including employment on weekdays and excellent weekend recreation. The temperature in the paradise lands rarely drops below 25 degrees Celsius, allowing people in a state of autumn-winter depression every season to enjoy the full range of positive emotions.

So, if you have firmly decided to settle in the islands, we advise you to choose the fastest way of paperwork and obtain Caribbean passport through a unique program for wealthy people. What is good about such schemes? The thing is that these states provide the most favorable conditions and quick relocation for the whole family. The authorities of five points of the planet allow residents from other regions to use two nationalities simultaneously. It is not a deception at all but an honest personal choice. This way, any person, no matter who he is by nationality, becomes a cosmopolitan not only by conviction but also documented – by law.

Numerous reasons to choose a Caribbean passport include opportunities for travel, study, employment, and quiet and measured life. It may be the freedom that everyone dreams of. But before choosing a country, we recommend reading our material on types of financial means. 

Overview of Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs

Caribbean countries offer various Caribbean citizenship by investment programs (CBI) and permanent residency (RBI). 

The most popular are:

  1. Dominica is a great option to save money;
  2. St. Kitts and Nevis;
  3. Grenada Country;
  4. Antigua and Barbuda;
  5. St. Lucia.

It is important to note that each program has its options and possible limitations. Make your choice according to your infrastructure preferences and your wishes.

Real Estate Investment

The short term of documentation and low cash threshold dictates favorable conditions for these states. Only $200,000 separates you from a fabulous resort atmosphere you have never seen in your home country. As noted by an expert on the St. Lucia investment program Acyr Jardim (company Imin Caribbean), you need to transfer such an amount to the accounts when buying real estate in the territory of one of the powers. Conditions in all territories are similar, and the sums are about the same. Therefore, boldly choose which country attracts the most. 

Only properties approved for this year by the government can be purchased. A wide range of real estate includes villas, hotels, apartments, and even marinas with yachts. A significant advantage of this type of deposit is the profitability. You can rent a room, apartment, or house, obtain a profit, sell your property after 5–7 years, and get your money back.

Business Investment

Considering the opportunities such a method provides, you can draw a conclusion about further prospects for growth. This way, such actions give an impetus to the development and promotion of services and goods of a given company, and a bi-patriot gets a chance to be approved and become a member of a highly developed society. The amounts vary from 100 to 200 thousand dollars, depending on the chosen company and direction.

Government Donation

Donations to government funds are usually made as follows:

  1. The prospective applicant researches the requirements and donation amounts established by each nation.
  2. Prepare documentation and complete the appropriate application according to program requirements.
  3. Payment of the donation: the bi-patriate transfers funds to the designated account of the government fund.
  4. Review of the application and the result.

It is important to note that the procedure for donating to the funds may differ in each case. It is better to consult official sources or specialist consultants to get accurate information about the process and requirements of each program.

Comparison of Investment Options

Having a Caribbean second passport is the best way to protect your family and wealth from political and economic instability. If you want to get a Caribbean passport visa-free countries quickly, we recommend St. Kitts; Dominica is the most budget-friendly option. If you wish to transfer to business – St. Lucia is the best solution. If you want to work and study in America, your way is Grenada, and if you want to move the whole family, Antigua and Barbuda are affordable options. 

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