One of the Most Luxurious Boutique Hotels in Egypt

Le Riad Hotel de Charme

Located in the heart of historic Islamic Old Cairo, Le Riad luxury boutique hotel in Cairo is inspired by the surroundings, namely over 1000 years of Islamic history – from the Fatimads, to the Ayyubids to the Mamluks to the Ottomans. Le Riad Hotel de Charme provides an intimate, whimsical experience inspired by the surrounding Islamic architecture and traditional Egyptian heritage.

This cozy boutique hotel in Egypt is one of Cairo’s best-kept secrets – a hidden gem tucked away in the bustling, meandering alleyways of Khan el Khalili and El Muizz Street, one of Egypt’s oldest medieval markets.

This heritage site is a combination of urban and traditional atmosphere. With the busy markets and active mosques surrounding the hotel, there is a lively atmosphere at almost all times. El Muizz Street captures the vibrant lively character of Cairo. Immerse yourself in the full Egyptian cultural experience.

No other hotel will put you in the heart of this symphony of oriental sounds and music. The luxury boutique Hotel Le Riad Hotel is the only boutique hotel in Islamic Old Cairo. There is no other place where you can get this fully-immersive cultural experience with 5-star luxurious standards of accommodation.

Built-in 1968, and renovated in 2006, the luxury boutique Hotel in Cairo Le Riad is an antique charm with a stunning modern twist. It immerses you in an authentic oriental experience—with its Fatimid-inspired architecture, carefully-selected ottoman furniture, local hospitality, and its exquisite Egyptian dining, all while adhering to excellent luxurious standards of service.

Each of its 17 spacious and comfortable suites has a unique theme, each beautifully highlighting the splendor and grandeur of different eras and aspects of Egyptian history. Each room offers an immersive experience—from the Pharaoh suite to the Om Kalthoum suite to the Mamluk suite—adorned with vibrant furnishings, priceless antiques, and exquisite wall decor.

Le Riad de Charme’s true beauty is in its details. Each item in the hotel is hand-picked, hand-crafted, and locally sourced from its surrounding markets, showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship of local Egyptian artisans and traditional art practices that date back thousands of years.

This immense attention to detail, prime location, magical atmosphere, and unparalleled service has made the luxury boutique Hotel Le Riad one of the most sought-after locations for local residents and tourists alike.

A stay at the luxury boutique Hotel in Cairo Le Riad is one of the most unique and charming experiences available in Cairo. 

The Rooftop Restaurant (Zeeyara)

Enjoying mouth-watering traditional Egyptian cuisine, made with fresh locally-sourced ingredients and prepared by excellent chefs all within a pristine fine dining experience. The rooftop restaurant offers a magnificent panoramic view of Khan el Khalili market and the winding medieval alleyways of Old Cairo.

Le Riad hotel hosted embassies conferences, corporate meetings and fashion photoshoots and it also hosted famous American actors like Gerard butler, Oscar Isaac and Mohamed Diab, the Director of Disney’s Marvel series Moon Knight.

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