Taking Advantage of Your Business Trip to Enjoy the City

Taking advantage of your business trip to enjoy the city © Ethan Robertson / Unsplash

Traveling is one of the great joys in life, but the time we have to explore the world is sadly all too brief. Work, life, and responsibilities all have a tendency to get in the way, and finding the time to travel can be hard.

This is why it is vitally important to take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself to carve out pockets of vacation time, however small. One excellent hack for finding unexpected time to travel is to pivot your business travel into an actual vacation.

This concept, often described as a ‘workcation’ or ‘bleisure’ (an awful portmanteau of business and leisure), has taken off in the last few years as the world of work has changed and professionals are increasingly flexible about where and how they can work. A bleisure trip is the little sister of full-on digital nomad status, and it is a great way to add extra vacation days to your limited supply. If you can find an offer for a short cruise after a couple of days of working from a client’s office, or if you don’t mind doing a little work on the beach, the possibilities are endless.

So if you want to find a clever way to sneak extra vacations into your year, consider taking advantage of your next business trip and indulge in a little workcation! Here are some of the best ways to turn a business trip into a fully-fledged vacation.

Extend your stay

One of the simplest ways to turn a business trip into a vacation is to extend your stay by a few days. This can give you the opportunity to explore the city or region you’re visiting, try new restaurants and activities, and relax a bit after the business part of your trip is over. And if you plan your trip just right, you can turn a quick business trip into almost an entire week of vacation. Just be sure to check with your employer or client to make sure it’s okay for you to extend your stay, and make sure you have the necessary arrangements in place for accommodation and any other logistics after the business part of your stay has ended.

Plan leisure activities in advance

Work might keep you busy during your business trip but you will always have some free time, and if you plan leisure activities in advance around your pre-existing work commitments you can have a great time. From simple things like visiting local museums and galleries during your lunch break to more adventurous day trips, with a little forward planning a business trip can feel like a vacation.

Stay in a vacation rental

If you can make it work with your boss or business policies, try and stay in a vacation rental rather than a standard hotel room. You’ll have more space, more privacy, and you’ll feel more at home, plus you’ll also have access to amenities that make it easier to extend your stay for longer without going over budget, like a kitchen.

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