Top 5 Budget-Friendly Things To Do In Orlando Florida

Top 5 Budget-Friendly Things To Do In Orlando Florida © Michelle Raponi / Pixabay

Orlando draws a staggering number of travelers every year. Ranging from thrilling sporting events to world-class amusement parks, the city is peppered with a ton of exciting attractions and activities for all types of tourists.

Your bucket list may include a trip to Orlando, but you might worry about the costs. Fortunately, there are many inexpensive entertainment options available, so even visitors with limited budgets can have a pleasant time.

Before you book your trip to Florida, be sure to read up on some of our favorite wallet-friendly things to do there:

1. Orlando StarFlyer

Orlando StarFlyer is the tallest swing ride in the world. Before the ride, you are fastened to a seat that is reminiscent of those found on roller coasters. A 450-foot peak ensures stability for the entire apparatus. Each seat is attached to a colossal arm that rotates at a speed of 60 miles per hour. At the peak of your swing, you will loom over even the tallest skyscrapers. This is somewhat frightening, but that is part of the thrill.

Of course, you are welcome to bring along friends and family, but even if you are alone, you will be assigned a random seatmate. If you are driving along International Drive near Icon Park, you might catch a glimpse of the tower. You might also hear thrill seekers shouting as they go for a spin. We hope that the low price of $10 per person will remove any financial barriers for you.

Moreover, you can find accommodation near Orlando StarFlyer, meaning you can make the most of your limited vacation time. For a well-rounded experience, you may opt for Westgate Resorts, which is just a 10-minute drive and provides several amenities to make your stay more comfortable and memorable.

2. Orlando Science Center

If you are looking for a day trip away from Orlando’s theme parks, the Science Center is a worthwhile option. Located on the outskirts of Orlando’s downtown, it features a wide variety of interactive exhibits and events for all ages. The Orlando Science Center claims that its displays are “intended to spark curiosity and research.” The Orlando Science Center’s fourth floor is home to the exciting Dino Digs exhibit, a must-see for aspiring paleontologists. Discover fossilized dinosaurs, examine enormous dinosaur eggs, and explore the environments in which these magnificent creatures once roamed.

Nature Works is one of the highlights of this attraction. It is virtually a treasure trove of knowledge about the interdependence of all life forms in this region. Children can also enjoy Kids Town, a tiny town full of exciting activities. As for pricing, adult tickets are $24, and student and senior tickets are $22. Children ages 2-11 are $18, while children under 2 and Orlando Science Center members are complimentary.

3. Gatorland

Gatorland, which first opened its doors in 1949, is a leading name for buying up discarded alligators and housing them in a safe environment. Apart from alligators, other endangered animals, like the fierce Cuban crocodile, have gained from breeding initiatives designed to ensure their survival. The Breeding Marsh, a natural cypress swamp, is the most significant part of the park because it is home to the majority of the park’s population of swamp dragons. You may get up close with these scaly sunbathers by walking along a lovely wooden boardwalk.  

Do not forget to hop on the Screamin’ Gator Zip Line for a spectacular outdoor experience. You will be zipping along some of the world’s most spectacular zip line towers for a sensational 1,200 feet. These incredible structures reach heights of over seven stories, providing launch platforms on multiple floors and a bird-eye view of the surrounding forest. Gatorland has affordable ticket prices, with adults paying $24.99 and kids paying $17.99.

4. The Wheel

Until you get a glimpse of Orlando from a height of 400 feet, your visit is not truly complete. One of the most popular attractions on International Drive is The Wheel. In an air-conditioned capsule that is cleaned and re-gassed between each rotation, you may spend 20 minutes taking in some of Central Florida’s most breathtaking scenery. The Wheel is suitable for people of all ages, including children.

After exploring for 20 minutes, you can choose from a wide range of stores and eateries. You can select a restaurant that serves lunch or dinner that will delight everyone in your group. Prices for The Wheel typically range from $28.99 for adults to $23.99 for kids aged 3-12. However, if you buy it online, you can usually take advantage of a special offer that brings the price down to as little as $19.99 for adults.

5. Museum of Illusions

Your visit to the Museum of Illusions will take you on a fantastic adventure through the bizarre and fantastical. Your senses will be whirled about in surprising and fascinating ways as you wander through an upside-down living room or a swirling vortex tunnel. Visitors are put to the test in mind-bending interactive immersions that require them to create their own visual wizardry and defy the laws of logic.

You have to witness this unbelievable sight to believe it. Get ready to be surprised at every turn as visitors to the Museum of Illusions are encouraged to laugh, scream, and run, which are prohibited in more conventional museums. The spooky yet delightful setting here is also ideal for capturing some truly mind-boggling photographs, so do not forget to bring your phone.

Entry prices begin at $24.99. There is also a special combo package available for $32.99 that includes The Wheel. This brings the total cost down to less than $17 per attraction.


Unlike the common assumption, vacationing in Orlando is not only for rich people. It is a welcoming and varied tourist hotspot with something for everyone. This includes those who want to have a good time with their friends and family without breaking the bank. To help you get more out of your limited vacation budget, we have compiled a list of several low-cost activities and attractions.

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