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Travel Writer or Blogger? In Your Pocket is Interested in Your Words


Travel writers of the world, In Your Pocket needs you! You can go ahead and imagine that we commandeered the famous British war poster as well, if that helps. If you’re reading this then you will be well aware that we have our own blog here at In Your Pocket, a page for travel content that is updated on a weekly basis with bits and pieces from around our sphere of influence. If you aren’t aware of that, do take a moment to glance above this text at the banner that reads ‘The Pocket Blog’.

To cut to the chase, we’re looking for writers and bloggers alike to step forward and offer up some top quality content to feature on the blog. Do you have a particular affinity with a foreign city, or a deep desire to showcase what is great about your home town? Have you been on a trip that stuck with you for a variety of reasons? Maybe you just really like the food in Finland or somewhere? Whatever the reason, if you can write about it in an engaging manner then we’re looking to provide a platform for your work.

Get in touch with us via, although we are at pains to clarify that this isn’t a competition. Send us an email detailing your blog idea, and we’ll get in touch and give you the green light. We look forward to hearing from you, almost as much as we look forward to double figure temperatures.

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