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Traveller Sentiment Report

Where's the path leading for tourism in 2021? Read on to find out © Dulcey Lima / Unsplash

Surveying the interests, behaviours and outlook of frequent travellers

2020 was a year unlike any other, at least in our lifetimes, and perhaps no industry was more affected by the global Covid-19 pandemic than travel and tourism. Sealed borders, closed venues, cancelled flights and seemingly continuously changing rules, regulations and restrictions around the world made travelling for both work and pleasure a challenge, to say the least. In the midst of this day-to-day chaos and future uncertainty, we decided to reach out to our readers and the general public in order to better understand how they felt about the current situation and also gain some foresight into what the future might hold for the travel industry.

This is the second edition of our quarterly traveller sentiment surveys to be conducted by our increasingly important and quickly expanding research and analysis division. The responses were collected over a one month period from mid-April to mid-May 2021, primarily through our existing global subscriber database, as well as the databases of our local offices, social media and our various other digital platforms.

Readers from around the world, but primarily Europe, sound off current travel trends

A total of 1030 responses were submitted from a diverse geographical cross section of avid travellers in 69 countries around the world. Participation reflected our strong reader base in English-speaking countries as well as the long-running market presence of our printed and online media in Central and Eastern Europe, with the United Kingdom providing the most respondents, followed by the United States and Poland, while Canada, Greece, Germany, Ireland, Romania, the Netherlands and Australia rounded out the top ten.

Frustrations are many, but optimism abounds for 2021

Overall, respondents tended to have an optimistic outlook on the resumption of travel in 2021, while also somewhat surprisingly admitting that they have high levels of frustrations and worries, and less confidence in their local governments handling of the pandemic than they did back in the winter. The biggest changes in pre- and post-pandemic travel plans is a very noticeable shift towards less touristy destinations and smaller independent accommodation options. On the plus side of things, virtually all respondents who did travel over recent months reported high levels of satisfaction with the service they received and are still quite open to being offered incentives to travel.

Speaking of downloading the full report, if you’re still wondering how to do so, it likely means that you closed the popup without realising it (don’t worry, it happens to the best of us). So go ahead and refresh the page, scroll down a bit, and you’ll be hit with a huge blue box where you can get your copy in exchange for an email. Happy reading!

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