A tale of love for good wine

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Baraka Winery’s story is not a usual one. There’s no generation after generation of toil on the soil. There’s no sepia hued photographs of ancestors surveying the terroirs. This is simple tale of love for good wine, and a desire to bring that good wine to a wider audience. 

A view at Baraka vineyards
The first chapter of this epic began some 3 decades ago. The family, using grapes from a neighbour’s vineyard, started to make wine in their home’s cellar. This wine wasn’t made for sale, it was made for special occasions, and for sharing with close friends. 
In 2005 Gordan Baraka and his family planted some 12,000 vines on 4 hectares of land, land which contains some 500 kilometres of drywall and an early Christian basilica. These vines are dry farmed in an eco-friendly and sustainable nature, the goal being to produce as pure a wine as can be managed through nature and care alone. 

Baraka's Debit Wine
Dalmatia is famed for its fine wines, many of which are rightfully taking their place on the global stage after many years secreted away from the knowing eyes (and noses) of oenophiles. Baraka Winery is certainly deserving of such a spot. You can follow their progress through a strong social media presence, most notably their Instagram page (https://www.instagram.com/barakawinery/), which alone will inspire your next Dalmatian holiday. 

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