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Any company that has stood the test of time obviously has a winning formula, as is the case with Felix in Cotton. We need to backtrack to 1924 when Austrian Felix Pollack von Parnegg, (the) grandson of Hermann Pollack, owner of one of the largest textile companies in South East Europe, founded a factory in Croatia, in Zagreb. Today, this factory almost has a centuries-old tradition and continues to produce top quality textile products at affordable prices. It is the only factory that produces the finest damask in Croatia with their products housed in luxurious hotels, resorts and restaurants from the EU to the UAE and beyond. The company preserves tradition and therefore offers collections with motifs of age old Croatian
patterns, sequences and motives. Give yourself or a loved one a Croatian household facelift with authentic bags, tablecloths, aprons, tea-towels, pillow cases, linen, quilts, and other assortments including souvenir packs in various colours, shapes and sizes. Their stores are central and can be
found at one of two locations – the main store is at Opatovina 13 (behind the main market), and the other store is at Ilica 171.

Felix in Cotton Archives
Felix in Cotton Archives

ZIYP: Can you tell us more about Felix in Cotton?
Felix in Cotton: In 1924, Mr. Felix Pollack von Parnegg of Vienna initiated the production of textiles and thus created the foundation for today’s Textile Factory Trgovišće. Our products are the result of tradition, knowledge, fine technology and creativity. Our retail brand Felix in Cotton benefits from natural materials such as cotton through which we want to introduce our products and long-lasting tradition. Our factory possesses almost a century-old tradition of producing premium damask fabric. In addition to Croatia, our products are exported to countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, Canada and the United States.

ZIYP: What makes the Felix in Cotton collection special?
Felix in Cotton: Instead of an ordinary print on a fabric surface, the use of jacquard weaving turns every fabric into a long lasting, luxurious and authentic product. All of our products are produced in Croatia, woven and sewn near Zagreb and all the motifs and patterns are woven in the fabric itself, which do not wash off at high temperatures and can be seen on both sides (double-faced).

Felix in Cotton Archives
Photo by Mirko Jankovic, Felix in Cotton Archives

ZIYP: What would you highlight from the new collection?
Felix in Cotton: In addition to premium kitchen and bed linen, we offer a rich collection of designer souvenir bags, kitchen towels, pillow cases and aprons. The souvenir collection contains patterns of lace from the island of Pag and Lepoglava, as well as licitar, Glagolitic lettering, the city of Zagreb, a map of Croatia as well as trendy summer patterns through which we want to present Croatian quality to the rest of the world.

ZIYP: Where can we buy Felix in Cotton collection? 
Felix in Cotton: Head to Opatovina 13, just behind the main square and above the main Dolac market (at the corner of Skalinska Street and Opatovina Street).

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